Autumn in Barbagia: the complete calendar of the event

13 Oct 2016 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Autunno in Barbagia Programma 2016
For over 10 years takes place this event among the most striking and popular in Sardinia

What is autumn in Barbagia? It ‘a winery and food tour divided into stages between 28 municipalities located in the interior of Sardinia, in the area around Nuoro, Barbagia precisely

From September to December every weekend is dedicated to a particular village

Each stage is unique and unrepeatable. You can immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the hosting village where you can taste local products, from cheeses to meats, jams, pickles, lamb or pork meat, fresh pasta, sweets, liqueurs and wine all strictly home-made and typical genuinely.




Each date offers the typical products of its territory for which the dishes to be tasted will always be different, as well as displays and routes.

Besides the food the villages dresse up with the exhibitions, artifacts, textiles, jewelry, see the craftsmanship on the carpet productions of the Sardinian masks, ancient rituals, singing, dancing … two days full immersion in one of the most ancient islands in the world!


It starts on September 2 in Bitti and ends on December 18 in Orune


Calendar Autumn in Barbagia


SEPTEMBER 2016Calendario-Autunno-in-Barbagia-Bitti-Oliena-Dorgali-Sarule-Austis-Orani


Autunno in Barbagia - Lula-Tonara-Gavoi-Meana Sardo-Onanì-Orgosolo autunno in barbagia-Lollove-Sorgono-Belvì-Aritzo-Desulo-Ovodda


Autunno in Barbagia-Mamoiada--Nuoro-Tiana-Olzai-Atzara-Ollolai


autunno in barbagia -Gadoni--Teti-Fonni-Orune


All stages of Autumn in Barbagia 2016

See on the map all the location involved in the event – visit cuoredisardegna website for more information


The list of all 28 villages participating in the event Autumn in Barbagia 2016

BITTI 2-4 september

OLIENA 9-11 september

DORGALI 16-18 september

SARULE 17-18 september

AUSTIS 23-25 september

ORANI 24-25 september

LULA 30-september – 2 october


TONARA 1-2 october

GAVOI 7-9 october

MEANA SARDO 7-9 october

ONANI’ 8-9 october

ORGOSOLO 15-16 october

LOLLOVE 15-16 october

SORGONO 21-23 october

BELVI’ 22-23 october

ARITZO 29-30 october

DESULO 29 october – 1 november


OVODDA 4-6 november

MAMOIDA 4-6 november

NUORO 11-13 november

TIANA 11-13 november

OLZAI 19-20 november

ATZARA 19-20 november

OLLOLAI 25-27 november

GADONI 2-4 december

TETI 3-4 december

FONNI 8-11 december

ORUNE 16-18 december Copyright © 2011-2017
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