Holy Easter in Alghero-Sardinia

24 Mar 2017 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

The Setmana Santa in Alguer Rites and traditions

The Holy Week in Alghero, a ritual that is repeated unchanged for centuries, jealously retains his Catalan imprint. Even today, an event strongly felt by the population of Alghero that attracts faithful and tourists from all over Sardinia and from Spain’s Catalan community.


Alghero: città catalana

It is a celebration of popular faith, that fills the narrow cobbled and dark streets of the medieval town, lit by thousands of red torches parading in a slow procession punctuated by chants and prayers of the faithful, immersed in a sacred suggestion of great emotional impact.
Among the most significant there is the Process dels Misteris (The Procession of the Mysteries). The six statues representing the Passion of Christ are carried on the shoulders all the way, particularly valuable is the Christ of Alicante. Delivered to the city by the sinking of the ship Santa Maria di Montenero in 1606, departed from Alicante direct to Genoa, the Santcristus, of Spanish wood has become a symbol of the historical and religious tradition of Alghero.

Pasqua ad Alghero

The most awaited moment is certainly one of the rites of Desclavament – the Descending –  from the Cross on Good Friday. The statue of Christ is laid in the golden casket renamed “bressol” (crib) and carried in procession through the old town followed by “Jermans Blancs’, hooded Spanish confraternities, faithful in prayer in a long dark path lit only by the red torch. It is the celebration of the funeral of Christ, and to represent the participation of all peoples are scattered along the way the choruses of many countries around Sardinia.

The faithful and visitors arriving in Alghero willing to let be fascinating by these deep traditions that the people jealously handed down through the passage of time in preserving the memory, the culture, the traditions still so alive in this corner of Sardinia Catalan

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