August holidays in Alghero: events of the week

26 Jul 2022 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Ready for the August holidays in Alghero?

The #AlgheroExperience2022 calendar brought a number of interesting events and summer shows in town. A long series of concerts, comedy-shows, wine-tastings that involved not only the city centre but also the surrounding areas, creating a common thread between art, culture and entertainment.

The summer in Alghero 2022 has been anything but ordinary! And it certainly isn’t over, the best is yet to come!

What to do in Alghero for the August holidays?

The Catalan city has always been the queen of the August holidays in Sardinia. It is a popular destination for young people thanks to its intense nightlife and many activities. It is also popular with families who love to spend the week of august between days at the beach and evenings strolling through the old town cobbled streets.

The celebrations for the week of August in Alghero do not stop on the 15th alone, but involve the entire month between all the festivals JazzAlguer, AlguerComedy, and the highly anticipated Alguer Summer Festival.

The week of August is notoriously sold out: you might consider a few aspects.

Beaches: go to the beach very early in the morning to find parking and space for your towel and beach-umbrella. If you opt for bathing establishment, book your place weeks in advance.

Restaurants: are generally fully booked for both lunch and dinner. Book well in advance (better several weeks in advance).

Hotels and B&B: very difficult to find rooms usually sold many months in advance. However, don’t be discouraged if you haven’t booked yet, there are always last minute offers available. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the best offers on the map.

Parking: is a real sore point during the summer season and particularly during the week of August. It is advisable to arrive in the city in the early afternoon to find a parking space. Large car parks are available in Alghero: Piazzale della Pace or Piazza dei mercati (underground). Other spaces are generally set up in peripheral areas, so bring your comfortable shoes…

August holidays in Alghero

Alguer Summer Festival concerts 8-26 August

8 Agosto 2022 | IRAMA

H 21.00 – Anfiteatro Ivan Graziani. Ticket price: €39 to €50

10 Agosto | MADAME + CHIELLO

H 21.30 – Anfiteatro Ivan Graziani. Ticket price : 25€

13 Agosto | LITFIBA

H. 21.00 – Anfiteatro Ivan Graziani. Ticket price : da 46€


H. 22.30 – Along the harbour, ramparts, Busquez promenade

16 Agosto | FABRI FIBRA

H. 21.00 – Anfiteatro Ivan Graziani. Ticket price : da 39€ a 50€

20 Agosto | RKOMI

H. 21.00 – Anfiteatro Ivan Graziani. Ticket price : 34,50€


H. 21.00 – Anfiteatro Ivan Graziani. Ticket price : da 50€ a 63,50€

26 Agosto | SUBSONICA

H. 21.00 – Anfiteatro Ivan Graziani. Ticket price : da 34,50€ a 46€

Make the august holidays on the Coral Riviera unique and if you haven’t already done so, book your hotel or B&B as soon as possible. The week of august in Alghero attracts thousands of visitors so it is quite difficult to find a room during that time.

On the map you will find rates and availability in real time…BOOK RIGHT NOW!

With our Alghero guides, you can discover the beauty of the city and the surrounding areas.

If you want to know what to do and what to see in Alghero, follow our advice, you will find everything you need to make the most of your August holiday week in Alghero.

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