Enjoying A Safe Trip To Sardinia Post-Covid-19

Just before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sardinian tourism was booming, with over 14M tourists choosing this azure paradise to immerse themselves in seaside magic and enjoy sightseeing, gastronomy and spa treatments of the highest caliber. The pandemic won’t last forever, and Sardinian resorts are ready to once again welcome guests with open arms. For tourists and resorts alike, safety and efficiency will become more important than ever. How will resorts in Sardinia future-proof their tourism offer and consolidate their already strong reputation for offering safe and technologically updated accommodation?

Safety Comes First

As stated by Tourism Crisis Management specialist, Lori Pennington-Gray, the tourism industry is resilient, and it will be ready and willing to bounce back once the health crisis is a thing of the past. However, some travelers – particularly older travelers and other vulnerable groups – may have “higher levels of anxiety” in the short-term. For them, the importance of healthy travel will be stronger than ever. Travelers can ease their minds by taking simple precautions like prioritizing sleep and traveling with hand sanitizer, water and supplements. They can also keep updated in various ways – including through social media channels, where resorts can provide information on relevant vaccines and required health insurance, the provision of clean bottled water, the presence of nursing staff at family resorts, and the publication of information regarding location-specific risks and care available if guests should feel ill. Sardinia has always been a safe and relaxing destination, but each resort can amp up its game in an effort to appease cautious travelers.

Cybersecurity Matters

Resorts will also be ensuring traveler safety from a technical perspective. Top cybersecurity threats that have plagued resorts and other sections of the industry include ransomware, customer data/identity theft, and phishing scams. Sardinian resorts will need to protect sensitive client data through a multifaceted approach which includes stringent cybersecurity training for employees, conducting professional risk assessments of current networks, the assignation of unique log-in credentials to all resort employees, the implementation of sound data back-up systems, and the installation of firewalls and anti-virus software on all devices used for work purposes. 

Automating Processes

The increasing popularity of digital means of working, traveling, and enjoying a new city or island destination mean that clients are increasingly independent. They are also conscious of time and efficiency and wish to carry out as many processes as they can from the comfort of their own home. These processes include checking in and requesting information. Savvy Sardinian resorts will allow guests to check in, make amendments to their reservation, and make cancellations quickly and speedily from their mobile phone via a dedicated app. Resorts should also provide live chat services for guests so that queries and complaints can be attended to immediately. This will avoid negative comments and reviews from reaching networking sites and social media outlets.

As stated by Lori Pennington-Gray, as challenged as the travel industry currently is, it is a sector that will bounce back as soon as the current health threat is over. Tourists gush over Sardinia owing to its magnificent beaches, top resorts and great weather. They can be sure that resorts will be upping their game to keep clients safe – both physically and in the cyber world. It is likely that common processes such as booking and cancellation will be easier and more mobile for increasingly technologically savvy guests.

Written by Jane Hinds (freelance writer)

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