Events in Sardinia August

Events in Sardinia in August

A Sardinia full of events in the month of August

We are in the heart of summer and Sardinia, is preparing to welcome a large number of tourists and visitors  from the small villages to the beautiful beaches. The peculiarity of this island it makes possible to go from the Caribbean beaches to the most rugged and wild mountain areas in a couple of hours driving by car around Sardinia


From north to south you will find local events and festivals which will make you know and appreciate the typicality of this region. Mostly important thatt you’ll be welcomed by the Sardinian hospitality that distinguishes any place on this island.


Among some of the most important events not to be missed in August we have choosen the Discesa of Candelieri of Sassari, the colors and the enchantment of Bosa on his feast of the Madonna del mare or the Feast of the redeemer of Nuoro, one of the oldest and important events.

Among the festivals dedicated to Sardinian specialties could not miss those of  the zichi bread of Bonorva and Vermentino wine of Monti


There are so many events in Sardinia in August we decided to select those that seem more interesting and exciting!


Read our list of 7 events in Sardinia in August that you’ll be thrilled to live this summer!

#1 | JERZU | Wine Music Festival | 4 – 10 August



Between August 3rd and 10th, the eno-gastronomic event is held around the cellars of Jerzu. The Cannonau wine is the protagonist of this event. You can not fully experience Sardinia except through a glass of its most representative wine, the Cannonau.


Jerzu – a tiny village in the hinterland just a short distance from the Gulf of Orosei – opens its doors and its cellars through a tour of music, food and wine. Tastings, visit to the cellars, Sardinian music and folk groups dancing from various Sardinian countries. There will be dancing, drinking and eating!





#2 | MURAVERA | Maskaras – Summer Carnival |  8th August

Carnevale estivo di Muravera


Every summer Muravera creates a unique show through the summer carnival “Maskaras”. The theme of the carnival is represented by groups of masks arriving from the most internal areas of Sardinia. They perform in a long parade that traces the entire main street of the village. Ritual dances that evoke propitiatory rites linked to the life of the camps.

Here’s in details what are the meanings of the masks


Mamuthones and Issohadores of Mamoiada among the most ancient and typical masks of Sardinia. They evoke a sacred and melancholy dance, aimed at driving away evil spirits in a mysterious and gloomy ritual. Accompanied by the intensity of cowbells

Boes and Merdules of Ottana devalue tied through a rope that symbolizes the union between man and beast. Among the various figures stand out “Sa Filonzana” the most feared that represents the Greek Parca of death.

Su Bundu of Orani staging the ritual of sowing with all the beliefs and superstitions of the farming environment of Barbagia

Mamutzones and Urzu of Samugheo, with their bells, play the rhythm of passion and death to ingratiate themselves with nature so that the crops are abundant.

S’Urthu di Fonni instead mimics in his representations the process suffered by the character “su Ceomo”, puppet that symbolizes the carnival. Sentenced to ‘hanging and burned at the stake, responsible for all the wrongdoings made by members of the community

S’Urtzu of Ula Tirso, victim of the carnival, is a tragic mask half man and half animal. Representation of the god Dionysus, has the power to ward off curses and drought, propitiating fertility.

Sos Tamburinos of Gavoi revive the most cheerful part with dances to the sound of ancient instruments and on pipiolu (archaic flute in cane)


#3 | SASSARI | La Discesa dei candelieri  |  14th August

La Faradda dei Candelieri


The festival of the Candelieri is the festha manna (the big feast) of Sassari dates back to the thirteenth century and chosen by UNESCO as a world heritage event. The procession of Candelieri (Candlesticks) – called Faradda which means descent – is a ritual involving an entire island. A procession in which all participate: the real protagonists, the bearers of the huge candles (the candlesticks), the Gremi and the gremianti.


Right in the middle of the summer it is the most awaited event in Sardinia in August. On the 14th of August, early in the morning, the day of Faradda begins with the so-called “dressing”. The descent of the Candelieri takes place on the evening of August 14th starting from Piazza Castello. The candlesticks walk the streets of the city center to the rhythm of music dancing with the huge wooden columns


The protagonists of the festival are the Gremi, the ancient associations of arts and crafts of Spanish origin. In Sassari there are nine: the stonemasons (ie the stone workers), the travelers (people who travel for trade), the peasants, the carpenters, the gardeners, the shoemakers, the masons, the tailors and the massai.



#4 | NUORO | Festival of Redentore  |  20 – 27 – 29 august


Festa del Redentore di Nuoro


The festival of the Redentore of Nuoro is not only one of the events in Sardinia in August but it is the MOST important EVENT and one of the biggest celebrations in Sardinia. In 2018 the edition number 118 is celebrated, for over a century it is one of the most profound and heartfelt events of the entire island.


The festival is celebrated with the traditional parades of Sardinian costumes, the parade of the knights, folk groups of Sardinian music, eno-gastronomy, parades, street-food, crafts.


The program will be made known soon




#5 | BOSA | Festival of  Madonna del mare  |  4th august




The feast of  Madonna del Mare di Bosa is a colorful and engaging celebration that takes place on the first Sunday of August. A procession of boats that goes up the Temo river and reaches the Cathedral of the Immaculate in the historical center of the city, where the statue of the Holy Mary is carried in procession. A day of celebration and colors that makes the village of Bosa once again one of the most evocative in Sardinia and one of the favorite destinations for local events in Sardinia in August



#7 | MONTI | Festival of Vermentino Wine |  6th August


A festival dedicated to the Vermentino wine. Besides of wine tastings and typical products there will also be folk performances of the Sardinian tradition


Every year there is an ever increasing number of presences and it is becoming increasingly important among events in Sardinia in August


The Vermentino is an ancient tradition in Monti. The vine was imported by the Spaniards several centuries ago and since 1975 the Vermentino wine has been recognized DOC Denomination of Controlled Origin – and in 1996 DOCG – Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin.




#7 | BONORVA (SS) | Sagra of the bread Zichi  | 10th  august


So called Zichi is the typical Bonorva soup bread. During the festival, you can taste the various recipes based on zichi bread and attend the various shows of music and traditional dances. The characteristic of this bread is that it can be consumed both hard and soft. Being long-life it was ideal for long journeys of shepherds or farmers who, being away from home, could not have fresh bread daily

The preparation is rather long but simple. The evening before the bakery is prepared Sa madrighe (the dough for bread) crumbling in lukewarm water Su femmentalzu to ferment the dough of the zichi.

The dough is flattened in order to obtain bread disks of 35-40 cm in diameter. The bread forms are placed under the covers to encourage leavening that lasts 6 to 12 hours. Once ready, it is fired in a wood-burning oven where the leavening of bread becomes a sort of oval ball


Once cooled and hardened, it is cooked in boiling sheep broth or in lard and parsley. It is kept on the fire for 10-15 minutes and is seasoned with pecorino cheese. Tasty!




Events in Sardinia in August




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