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La Maddalena

Virginia Motor Yacht

Mini boat cruise in the Maddalena archipelago

A mini cruise designed to savor the best of the beauties that the Maddalena archipelago has to offer. Far from the tourist mass in a perfect mix of beaches and crystal clear water. An ideal boat excursion for any category of traveler. Visit the archipelago of La Maddalena with us, as you’ve never seen it before.



It is not a simple boat trip but a unique and relaxing excursion. You can book your boat excursion online in La Maddalena or call without obligation it is not necessary to print the ticket you can present it simply by showing it from your smartphone.



In case of cancellation of the excursion due to bad weather or any technical problems, the amount will be refunded in full



Information about the activity/tour

Our incredible excursion includes exclusive stops in the most beautiful places in the archipelago of La Maddalena, to find out more click on the button.

During our itinerary we will see: The Bear's Rock, with seaside stops in the suggestive islands of Spargi, Porto della Madonna (surrounded by the islands of Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria) will not miss the opportunity to photograph the famous Pink Beach and thanks to the our rubber boat minitour (seashuttle) you can see the island of Santa Maria, Budelli and Razzoli with all the coves and coves that are impossible to visit with other larger boats. Finally, stop for shopping in the characteristic historical center of La Maddalena.

Our embarkations are at 9:00 am in Baia Sardinia and at 9:30 am from Cannigione (dock in front of the cutter bistro). Parking in the hamlet of Cannigione is free. N.B. the itinerary may undergo changes based on sudden weather conditions, at the discretion of the commander or directives of the park authority that manages marine traffic within the La Maddalena Archipelago. Look in detail at our "EXCLUSIVE ITINERARY"


DEPARTURES from Baia Sardinia at 9:00 am CANNIGIONE at 9:30 am (show up at least 20 min before the departure time, for the check-in procedures).

PANORAMIC VISIT Bear rock While sailing we will see one of the most fascinating natural monuments of all Sardinia, the very famous Bear Rock (natural moment since 1993)

PANORAMIC VISIT Porto Rafael Continuing our excursion we will find ourselves contemplating Porto Rafael, a very small and exclusive village, nestled by rocks and pristine beaches, born in the early sixties, on the idea of ​​Count Rafael

CALA DI TRANA First stop A long stop in one of the largest beaches in northern Sardinia surrounded from clear sea and granite rocks and located a few minutes of navigation from the island of Spargi. Stop on the beach for about an hour and twenty.

SPARGI Cala dell'Amore Exclusively for Virginia customers the enchanting Cala dell'amore, a spectacular inlet in the private bay of the island of Spargi. Seaside stop of about an hour, lunch on board.

PORTO DELLA MADONNA The Natural Pools A stop with privileged mooring exclusively for Motor Yacht Virginia, will give you a bathing break in this large complex of islands called Porto Della Madonna or Natural Pools is that stretch of sea enclosed between the islands of Razzoli, Budelli and Santa Maria. Seaside stop of about an hour.

THE PINK BEACH (SPIAGGIA ROSA) a panoramic visit, will bring us as close as possible to the incomparable PINK BEACH, located on the island of Budelli, to photograph this natural heritage of humanity where access has been prohibited since 1994 and bathing.

LA MADDALENA Historical Center Stop for about an hour in the characteristic historical center of the only city in the archipelago.

EXCURSIONS extra If you want to see unique places that go beyond the Motor Yacht Virginia itinerary, ask on board for extra services.

THE MINITOUR (port of the Madonna) Caprera Boat Tour (visit the east coast) City Tour by cabrio bus.


La Maddalena

Map of the area

90€ /max - 50€ /min

other information

  • People: 1+
  • Duration: 9h
  • Start time: 9.00 am
  • Meeting Point: Cannigione e Baia Sardinia
  • Telephone: +39 3458571503
  • Web:

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