Food and wine tasting Sardinia at Cantina Sorres


Wine Tasting Sardinia

Best winery experience!  food & wine tasting at Cantina Sorres


Wine tasting Sardinia at Cantina Sorres. For us producing wine is first of all a tradition: our grandfather did it, we saw our father doing it, their experience animate our passion to keep on making it.


We are two Sisters, for this reason – Sorres in Sardinian language – who choose to produce a unique and fine wine:”Pensamentu” expression of our territory.


We would like to delight you with beautiful and fun experiences where you can appreciate our land, gather with local people and share the passion for quality wine with us

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We offer immersive and relaxing walks around our vineyard where, sourrunded by vines you can taste autentic food pair with our wine. You can combine many other unique and fun experiences: according to the days. You can learn how to make traditional Sardinain baskets, prepare fresh pasta or bread with natural yeast and much more


Immerse walk in our beautiful vineyard lear the secret of making a fine and authentic niche wine Taste of 2 different vintage of Pensamentu wine pair with local food


 Our Vineyard is Located between Sennori and Nulvi, on the hills facing the beautiful Asinara Gulf

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25€ /max - 25€ /min

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