North Sardinia Boat itinerary

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Exploring Sardinia by an amazing boat trip that will make you discover the wonderful beaches and small bays and coves. Advise on a specific route can be quite limitative as the places to see are so many and beautiful. The itinerary can be chosen day by day taking into account the winds and weather conditions of the moment.
Just to give you an idea of the possible itineraries you can do, the distance and among the most renowned locations you can see this map.

Suggested boat itineraries in the north Sardinia

Sardinia boat itineraries

Boat Itinerary #1 – Alghero & Stintino (north west coast)

  • Alghero
  • Porto Conte
  • Capo Caccia
  • Isola Piana
  • Argentiera
  • Stintino
  • Asinara island


Th boat excursion from Alghero to Asinara island  will make you discover all the most enchanting places in the north-west Sardinia. Starting from Porto Conte national park in Alghero and finishing at Asinara national park.   There are many points of interest along this route. Porto Conte bay, the cliffs of Capo Caccia, the  Neptune’s caves and much more. On the very top of Sardinia, Stintino and the Asinara island from the three harbors of Fornelli, Cala Reale and Cala d’Oliva to continue with the numerous coves and beaches of transparent waters and unmatched colors.
Mention should be made of the prison districts of Fornelli (formerly the highest security prison) and Cala d’Oliva (with the Bunker of Totò Riina),  the Sea Observatory (Sea turtles Rescue Center). It often happens to spot dolphins around the Asinara Island.


Porto Conte boat itinerary

Sardinia Boat Itineray 1: from Alghero to Stintino


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Boat Itinerary #2 – Palau & La Maddalena Islands (north east coast)

  • Palau
  • Caprera
  • La Maddalena
  • Spargi
  • Budelli
  • Santa Maria
  • Razzoli
  • Santa Stefano
  • Cannigione

La Maddalena Archipel is a real paradise! Starting from Palau, towards the archipelago of La Maddalena, you can admire the island of Santo Stefano, characterized by the fort of San Giorgio and Napoleon.

The island of Spargi, a small settlement of shepherds where it is Located Cala Corsara Beach. Further north, at the entrance of the Bouches of Bonifacio, you arrive at the uninhabited Razzoli Island, and to Santa Maria, home to a small agglomeration of houses

Tips: excursions to La Maddalena depart from Palau.

Budelli Island – the pink beach is one of most beautiful island in Sardinia. Its particular color has made it famous all over the world. If you have your own boat you must contact the park, which issues permits for visiting the area. With the permits you can only reach a path and admire the pink beach from afar without being able to touch the ground or bathe.


La Maddalena islands

Sardinia boat itinerary 2: Palau and La Maddalena

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Boat Itinerary #3 –  Cala Gonone and Orosei Gulf (central east coast)

  • Cala Gonone
  • Grotte Bue marino
  • Cala Luna
  • Cala Mariolu
  • Cala Goloritzè
  • Capo Monte Santo

This itinerary can de done in one day-long excursion and is certainly the  most complete. Allows to admire all the most important beaches, caves and corners of the Orosei Gulf

Stops on the most  famous beaches of the Gulf: Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzè.

You can further enrich this excursion by choosing to visit the Grotta del Bue Marino. Strongly recommended to those who plan a day trip to Cala Gonone as it allows to appreciate all the natural beauties of the Gulf of Orosei.
Boat trip in Orosei

Cala Luna: gulf of Orosei

Sardinia boat itinerary 3: Cala Gonone and the Orosei Gulf

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