Tour of Barumini, the nuragic village Su Nuraxi


Tour of Barumini – Su Nuraxi

The Nuragic village


An unforgettable day at the most important archaeological site in Sardinia. A 4-hour excursion to the nuraghe Su Nuraxi of Barumini: the only example on the island, this Bronze Age defensive system dates back to the 2nd millennium BC.


  •  Visit the most important nuragic village of Sardinia
  • See the incredible prehistoric structures dating back over 4,500 years
  • Find out what life in Sardinia was like in ancient times
  • Admire the spectacular landscape of the Giara di Gesturi and the Sardinian countryside



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Information about the activity/tour

Explore the Nuraghe of Sardinia with this 4-hour tour in the nuragic village Su Nuraxi of Barumini, an excellent example of a defensive system, which highlights the wise use of materials and techniques available on the island in prehistoric times.

Recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its significant historical significance, the site offers a detailed introduction on the origins of Sardinian culture. During the tour, you will explore the vast megalithic complex that goes deep into the numerous tholos of incomparable beauty.


You will visit the massive central tower, built with large stones covered without the use of mortar. The structure consists of 3 superimposed chambers connected by a helical staircase. You will discover the details of the construction of this important prehistoric site, including those related to the creation of the massive stone wall that connected the 4 towers that surround the central keep.

If time permits, you can also enjoy a typical Sardinian lunch in one of the restaurants nearby. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a delicious picnic on the Giara di Gesturi, where you will admire the wild horses of Sardinia running freely.



Map of the area

100€ /max - 100€ /min

other information

  • People: 2+
  • Duration: 4h
  • Start time: 9.00
  • Meeting Point: Pick-up from Hotels in Cagliari
  • Telephone:
  • Web:

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