3 B&B in Sardinia where you can disconnect & unplug

Here in Sardinia, Time is a different concept. Sitting in silence watching the colors of the fields and the sky is not. No, it’s not considered a waste of time. Just walking among the fields, listening to the sound of the wind (which here in Sardinia is not really lacking) to distinguish the brilliance of the colors…all of that can be the best Sardinia experience

We would like to offer a different way of holiday in search of places where simply watching nature in silence can be the most authentic part of your journey.

The real vacation is precisely the disconnection from the own habits. This is exactly what traveling in Sardinia means. A journey to rediscover the – authentic – own essence.

Are you ready to travel between these beautiful places and lose yourself? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and discover the 3 best Bed and Breakfast in Sardinia in the heart of unspoilt nature. If you are looking for the authentic Sardinia, you will find it in every aspect: from hospitality, to food, to colors and fragrances.

These are the best 3 Bed and Breakfast in Sardinia
to disconnect & unplug from the digital life

1. B&B Saludi e Trigu – Iglesias

Iglesias – South Sardinia   b&b-in-sardegna-igleasias

In the heart of southern Sardinia, near the historic town of Iglesias. Everything here will win you over: from the hospitality, to the quality of the products and from the surrounding landscapes. You can taste the typical Sardinian dishes produced directly by the farm. Organic food like the yogurt and the homemade cakes. To cool off, take a dip in the beautiful swimming pool in the middle of the rural landscape in the quiet of the countryside. One of the best bed and breakfast in Sardinia where you can really disconnect. If you can’t do it here, wherelse?

2. Is Cheas – San Vero Milis

San Vero Milis – Central Sardinia    b&b-in-sardegna-san-vero-milis

Pure relaxation and wellbeing in a BIO style plan. Good food, excellent choice of local products directly from the garden. In this farm you can have both traditional and more refined dishes. In the heart of the vineyards and of the Sardinian countryside. Something special are the rooms inside old huts where the traditional ols style is combined with a modern touch. A place that shows great attention to detail and the search for comfort and simplicity at the same time. Definetely one of the best agriturismo and bed and breakfast in Sardinia

3. Ecoparco Neulè – Dogali

Dorgali – Eastern Sardegna    b&b-in-sardegna-dorgali

Perhaps the wifi here does not work  very good, but who cares … if you came here it is just to log off and live a few days in full contact with nature. The place offers a unique combination. A large estate surrounded by the greenery of the private park where you can walk and watch the wild animals. Your holiday can be relaxing and adventurous thanks to the many activities you can do. Kayak, quad tours, horseback riding and many trekking trails. Beautiful lake view, (unusual in Sardinia). Excellent homemade products such as cheese and olive oil. If you love animals and nature this is certainly one of the best experiences in this typical and welcoming B&B in Sardinia

Sardinia offers you an excellent opportunity for a short digital detox experience. Walking and hiking in the mountains, a horse ride or a canoe trip. Lots of outdoor activities that free your mind and body from too many digital toxins.


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