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bluAlghero-Sardinia born from the idea of bringing the beauty of Alghero and Sardinia to the world. The project started in 2011 has had a steady and remarkable growth in recent years, recording over 96,000 users and about 180,000 pages visited in August 2018 !


bluAlghero-sardinia is becoming the starting point among travelers and tourists from all over the world looking for accommodation, local experiences and useful information to visit Sardinia



The most requested activities on bluAlghero-Sardinia

  • tour and excursions
  • local products food tasting
  • wine tour
  • cooking class
  • local experiences
  • diving center
  • private transfers


Any activity or service linked to tourism will benefit from an important showcase through which you’ll get contacts, visits and reservations


To highlight your offer we want to publish only a limited number of activities/services


Go to the contact page and send your request

We will evaluate together how to emphasize your business


bluAlghero-Sardinia within the prestigious National Geographic Traveler magazine (UK) in the November 2018 issue

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