10 Stunning beaches in Sardinia that make you think you are in the Caribbean

If you’re looking to have a sun-soaked vacation or summer break with incredible swimming experiences and without the need for extensive flights, this is the perfect destination for you…because the beaches in Sardinia are absolutely stunning!

This captivating island offers all the elements required for an unforgettable holiday. Why bother jet-setting to faraway lands in search of pristine beaches when you can find some of the best right here in Sardinia? Nestled within the Mediterranean Sea, the gems of this amazing Italian island are sure to surprise you!

Take a trip through the stunning sights of both northern and southern Sardinia to soak in the breathtaking views of the Sardinian coastline. Not convinced yet? Paradise is right here in Sardinia, and we’ve got the proof!

TOP 10 – Sardinia beaches

Slices of paradise that will make you dream of the Caribbean (but they have nothing to envy!)

1. Cala Goloritzè – Baunei

This amazing beach it’s located north of Arbatax,  in the South of the Gulf of Orosei. Cala Goloritzé can be reached via two routes: by car or by sea. By land you can take a trekking trip from Su Porteddu. From here, there are trails that lead to Cala Luna and continue to Cala Goloritzè which is definitely the most spectacular beach in Ogliastra.

Ultra-transparent water has a backdrop of about 30 meters and has a slightly colder temperature than other bays due to the presence of frozen water streams from the nearby river.

There are no beach services which makes a totally uncontaminated paradise. Truly amazing!

⚠️ Limited-access beach: The beach has a limited capacity and allows a maximum of 250 people per day. The ticket price is €7 per person and can be bought at the entrance of the trail. You can reserve your spot through the website/app “Heart of Sardinia.” Entry is permitted from 7:30am to 3pm. You can stay at the beach until 5pm.



   2. Porto Istana beach – Olbia

This beach is located a short distance from Porto San Paolo, near Murta Maria south of Olbia. White sand and emerald sea. The beach is connected to Olbia with a bus service.

Porto Istana is actually a set of four beaches separated from each other by small rocky bands.

The sand is made of fine and white sand that gently slopes towards the emeralds waters, so it is particularly suitable for bathing especially for children.

Situated in front of the island of Tavolara is the destination of numerous enthusiasts of divers and surfers.


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   3. spiaggia del Principe – Arzachena


Principe Beach (Spiaggia del Principe) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Smeralda. Its name is related to Prince Aga Khan, a passionate goer of this beach (and founder of the Costa Smeralda). Fine sand bordered by rocks and surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.

The color and the clarity of this sea are due to the particular backdrop of sand and granite. This small beach is often considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

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   4. Porto Giunco beach – Villasimius


The beach of Porto Giunco is just a short distance from the town of Villasimus about 40 km from Cagliari. The crystal clear sea is so clear and transparent that it looks like a Caribbean beach.

It has a white and thin sand bottom. Its waters are light blue and this has attracted numerous advertisers, which have made it an unbeatable scenery of their spots.

In the area is the Notteri pond, where you can admire several specimens of pink flamingos

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   5. La Pelosa beach – Stintino


A true paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean. Located in the gulf of Asinara, in the extreme northwestern tip of Sardinia, just 2 Km from the village of Stintino.

Definitely one of the most beautiful beach in Italy and Europe. A natural paradise with thin sand and shallow water for tens of meters.  The tower – dating back to 1578 – is  the symbol of the beach, which can be reached on foot after crossing another delightful cove, the Pelosetta.

Curiosity related to its name: it is said to be called “La Pelosa” (the hairy in talian) for the presence of sea straw, and Mediterranean vegetation made of long and fine tufts.

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⚠️ Limited-Access beach: La Pelosa Beach welcomes a maximum of 1500 visitors per day. It is necessary to reserve your spot (with a limit of 4 people per reservation) by paying an entrance ticket of €3.50 per person through the website (spiaggialapelosa.it) or the dedicated app. Additionally, it is mandatory to have beach-mat to avoid fines.

 6. Tuerredda beach – Teulada


Tuerredda beach is one of the most appreciated of Sardinia. It is located on the south coast, only few Km from Chia and about 58 Km from Cagliari.

Particularly its geomorphology consists of a very suggestive creek that overlooks a colorful sea in all shades of blue: from turquoise to emerald green to deep blue, recalling the style of the Caribbean beaches.

The beach is an expanse of fine and candy sand, suitable for those who love relaxation, perfect beach for families with children, because of the waters not too deep.

Nice to swim towards the small tower islet about 100 meters from the beach (hence the name Tuerredda)

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⚠️ Limited-Access beach: daily limit of approximately 1100 visitors, including both the free beach area and establishments. During the high season, the maximum capacity is quickly reached in the early morning, so it is advisable to arrive as early as possible. Reservations can only be made for the establishments, while the free beach operates on a first-come, first-served basis. You can check the real-time availability of spots on the website: https://tuerredda.spacli.it/.

    7. Santa Giusta beach – Costa rei

One of the most popular beaches of South-east Sardinia in the municipality of Castiadas. The water temperature becomes quite mild because here the bottom is lower, making it a true natural pool.

The beach is characterized by the presence of a large granite rock on the right side of the coast. It seems to be the privileged destination of the fisherman Peppino,  from which takes its name “The Rock of Peppino”

This is also an ideal destionation for families with children which love to climb to the rocks and take dips into the mild waters

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    8. Su Giudeu beach – Chia


Su Giudeu one of the most beautiful beaches of Chia in the south of Sardinia. Long, clear sand and blue intense waters. Surrounded by dunes up to 20 meters high.

On the right of the coast, there is the Su Giudeu’s isle: a huge rock, on which, in the spring, it is common to graze the goats.

You can reach it partly by walking on the sandy bottom –  that sometimes emerges completely from the water – partly by swimming for a few tens of meters. From above you can admire the panorama of the coast of Chia.

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    9. Cala Brandinchi – San Teodoro

A long  dream beach, with fine white sand and turquoise water. The green of the pine forest and the Mediterranean scrub is made even more intense by the extraordinary colors of the sea that are reminiscent of those of Polynesia.

In the low season, this stretch of coastline gives its maximum splendor, especially from September to June: enchanting vegetation, fine white sand and sea transparency reach the TOP!
Simply stunning…

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⚠️ Limited-access beach: Cala Brandinchi is also a closed-access beach (with approximately 1400 spots) and can be accessed by reservation during the summer season. You can find information on how to make a reservation on the website santeodorospiagge.it.

10. Punta Molentis beach – Villasimius


Punta Molentis beach is located on the south-east coast between Villasimius and Costa Rei. It’s about 6 Km from Villasimius. It’s made up of finely fine sand, with small pink streaks in the shore.

The crystalline sea creates a beautiful color that varies from light emerald green to turquoise to blue.

It’s fairly sheltered by the wind, it is also surrounded by a dense and florid Mediterranean scrub. On the promontory overlooking the beach of Punta Molentis, once stood the Nuraghe of Punta Molentis whose remains are today and where one can admire a splendid view





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