The 15 best Free Things To Do in Sardinia

The 15 best Free Things To Do in Sardinia

Some of the best experience that you can do it for free

Sardinia is reputed to be one of the more expensive places in Italy. But this is not necessarily true. With the exception of some élite places especially concentrated around the Costa Smeralda, it’s possible to travel and discover the wonders of this island without necessarily spending a fortune.

There are so many things you can do in Sardinia even on tight budgets and you will certainly be happy to know about some free activities that will make you love this pristine island even more.

Let’s explore Sardinia!

Here’s the best 15 free things to do in Sardinia

1. Walking Tour around Orgosolo murals


This country in the deepest heart of Barbagia in recent years is establishing itself as one of the most admired locations in the Sardinian hinterland. The reason will not be difficult to understand when you visit it. His murals so representative of Sardinian life have an antique and pop charm at the same time.

Our advice is to not only visit Orgosolo but stay in this area for a few days and visit some of the neighboring countries such as Mamoiada, Fonni, Oliena, Desulo. You will discover an ancient and authentic charm

2. Visit the ghost town in central Sardinia: Gairo Vecchia

One of the visits that more will leave you something in the soul. Reaching Gairo is not easy. A journey along the mountainous roads of the beating heart of Sardinia. Relive atmospheres lost in time and breathe the fresh air of the mountains where life as only a wild plant can do, has been able to grow again

3. Enjoy the best sunset ever at La Grotta dei Vasi Rotti on Capo Caccia cliff


4. Do the best Hike of your life and reach the paradise beach: Cala Golotizè


5. Get part at one of the most amazing events: S’Ardia di Sedilo

6. Refresh yourself under Sos Molinos waterfalls


7. Admire the medieval mistery of Basilica di Saccargia


8. Spot some pink flamingos in Molentargius pond

9. Go wild and hike at the Gorropu canyon

10. Bird watching experience on kayak on the Rio Posada

11. Enjoy a free mud-bath-treatment in the natural spa of Casteldoria

12. Go back in time at San Salvatore village. The Sergio Leone spaghetti-western film set

13. Be romantic watching Cagliari skyline from the top of Bastione San Remy

14. Take a selfie with the Elephant rock in Castelsardo

15. Swim in the natural swimming pool in Cane Malu Bosa

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