What to see in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Best things to see in and about Santa Teresa di Gallura – north Sardinia

Discover the northernmost village of Sardinia, just 12 km from the beautiful white cliffs of Bonifacio, Corsica.

Founded about 200 years ago by King Vittorio Emanuele I, Santa Teresa is a welcoming little town full of attractions. The surrounding area has thousands of years of history behind it, as evidenced by the remains of the archaeological site of Lu Brandali.

If we talk about beaches then, the sea of Gallura is simply gorgeous. Just take the car and drive among the many beaches and coves all just a few minutes away from the town center.

The most famous is Rena Bianca beach, located right in the town center. It has been awarded as a Blue Flag beach since 1987 – a title that recognizes the pristine quality of its waters.

What to see in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura - North Sardinia

During the summer the streets and piazza of Santa Teresa come alive thanks to the presence of numerous tourists. A nice walk starts from the central Piazza Vittorio Emanuele I and continue along the central streets Carlo Alberto and Via XX Settembre.

Life takes place here, between small shops and bars, the port and the city beach. Very interesting the nineteenth-century church of San Vittorio, the Spanish tower of Longosardo and the Marina.


  • Rena Bianca beach
  • Longosardo Tower
  • Piazza Vittorio Emanuele I
  • Little church of Santa Lucia
  • The Turistic Port


  • The Foundation of the City in 1808 is celebrated on August 12th every year. An event rich in traditions with folk dances, costumes, music and typical Sardinian food. If you are around here, don’t miss it!
  • Musica sulle Bocche: unmissable music event at the end of August. An evening in the Moon Valley among the best jazz artists in a dream location!

How to reach Santa Teresa di Gallura

Getting to Santa Teresa di Gallura – north Sardinia is quite simple thanks to the nearby ports and airports. Its position also allows you to reach many places in the surrounding area. It is in fact just under an hour’s drive from the Costa Smeralda and about 50 minutes from other places such as Costa Paradiso and Isola Rossa.


  • Alghero-Fertilia. The second closest airport which is 130 Km away. The journey takes approximately 2h.

  • Aeroporto di Cagliari- Elmas. Rather distant. The two locations are in fact located at the antipodes of the island. The distance from Cagliari is 300 Km for a journey of approximately 3h and 30 minutes.


Santa Teresa overlooks the extreme tip of Sardinia in the strait of sea that separates Sardinia from Corsica. The windy Strait of Bonifacio delimits the boundaries between the two islands; in the very busy point by ferries to Corsica and ferries passing through France and Spain.

Those arriving by ferry can choose between the nearest ports of Olbia and Golfo Aranci.

  • Obia port: it is 60 km from Santa Teresa di Gallura and can be reached in 1 hour.
  • Golfo Aranci: is 70 km away. It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Porto Torres: located 110 km away and can be reached in 1h and 50 minutes.


Line 601 > direct bus from Olbia to Santa Teresa di Gallura
Line 728 > direct bus from Sassari to Santa Teresa di Gallura


Traghetto Santa Teresa - Bonifacio

Santa Teresa di Gallura is located only 11 miles from Corsica. France is so close that you can reach Bonifacio for a coffee and return to Sardinia for an aperitif! Ferries to Corsica depart from the small port of Santa Teresa, located right in the center of the town.

From the port of Santa Teresa departs ferries to Corsica towards Bonifacio.

Ferry Line Santa Teresa > Bonifacio

Moby and luIchnusa Lines are the ferry companies for this route. The crossing takes about 50 minutes. You can book the ferry and check the rates on the search engine below:


Arcipelago della Maddalena

From Santa Teresa it is possible to book a tour to discover the Maddalena archipelago. Tours can be booked in the tour kiosk or directly online.


Boat trip in the Maddalena archipelago

The tour takes you to discover the islands of the Archipelago with stops in Spargi, La Maddalena and on the pink beach of Budelli island. From € 45.00

Tour privato arcipelago della Maddalena

Private speedboat tour to the archipelago of La Maddalena

Tour exclusively for a maximum of 10 passengers, with whom you can choose which island to stop on. You will decide where to stop and for how long. From € 80.00

1-day boat trip in the Maddalena archipelago

A whole day to discover the islands of Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria, La Maddalena. With stops for swimming and sunbathing. From € 48.65

The beaches of Santa Teresa di Gallura – north sardinia

Hidden beaches set among gentle granite rocks. Brightly colored waters rich in marine life.

The beaches of Gallura are mainly small bays surrounded by granite and transparent waters.

The downtown beach, Rena Bianca, a small stretch of white sand and transparent blue waters. In the background the Corsican cliffs that can be seen in the distance.

Continuing on the promontory of Capo Testa there are some beautiful beaches such as Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante. The particular position of these two beaches on a narrow and thin strip of land makes them very suggestive and fairly protected from the winds.

Also in Capo Testa it is possible to visit some coves with truly incredible colors. The beach of Zia Colomba and Cala Spinosa. Small lonely bay with white granite rocks and transparent azure waters. It has a small stretch of beach but it is essentially rocky. It is ideal for exploring the seabed that looks almost like a natural aquarium.

In the direction of Santa Reparata and Rena Majore a succession of fantastic beaches.

The beach of Santa Reparata and La Liccia less than 10 minutes by car. On the opposite side, on the east coast of Santa Teresa, La Balcaccia is a must-see, a true paradise on earth. This cove, since it is located within private land, can be reached mainly only by sea or alternatively by requesting authorization from the land owner.

Porto Quadro, La Marmorata, La Licciola and a little further south the Valle dell’ Erica, a splendid bay often sheltered from the wind.

A separate chapter deserves the spectacular Moon Valley, which is not just a simple beach, but a unique place to explore.


  • Rena Bianca
  • Rena di Ponente & Rena di Levante
  • Zia Colomba
  • Cala Spinosa
  • Santa Reparata
  • Rena Majori
  • Lu Pultiddodu
  • La Liccia
  • La Balcaccia
  • Porto Quadro
  • La Marmorata
  • Valle dell’Erica
  • La Licciola
  • Cala Grande (Moon Valley)

Moon Valley

To get to this spectacular valley it is necessary to reach the small peninsula of Capo Testa and continue towards the lighthouse. After a few kilometers you arrive at the entrance of the path that leads to the Valle della Luna (Moon Valley).

Walking through the valley among dense vegetation and imposing granite boulders eroded by the wind, you enter a place that immediately appears magical.

Besides tha main valley, there are other smaller valleys surrounded by trees and myrtle plants. The place is still inhabited by some hippy communities who have established their homes inside the granite rocks, living in complete freedom.

Continuing along the internal paths towards the sea you reach the beach of Cala Grande. It is also worth exploring beyond the path and visiting the smaller coves Cala di l’Ea and Cala di Mezzu. The landscape looks just like lunar, which is why its name (Luna=Moon). A place that you will always carry in your heart!

What to see in and about Santa Teresa


The village of Santa Teresa, being quite small, can be visited in a couple of hours on foot. But the surrounding area undoubtedly deserves a more in-depth visit among paths, hidden beaches and archaeological sites.

These are the main attractions around Santa Teresa.

  • Lu Brandali

The remains of the Nuragic Village dating back to between the XIV and X include the Nuraghe and the two towers. Around the huts and the Tomb of the Giants develop. A well-kept historical site that deserves to be best visited through the guided tour – very interesting the 3D visit – which provides lots of useful information and curiosities.

Lu Brandali
  • Cave Romane

The ancient granite quarries used by the Romans for the construction of public works of the Roman Empire, like the columns of the Pantheon in Rome. The site is located near the beach of Zia Colomba where it’s possible to see some rough columns immersed in the sea. Very suggestive!

  • Capo Testa

The small peninsula connected to Santa Teresa through a narrow isthmus of land, overlooks the Strait of Bonifacio. This territory offers impressive and particular natural monuments such as the majestic eagle of Capo Testa. The sea in this area has truly impressive Caribbean colors.

  • Parco di Punta Contessa

For climbing enthusiasts the paths of Punta Contessa is something not to be missed. Within the natural area there are 35 climbing routes of varying difficulty, set in absolute beauty: between the granite cliffs and the sea of the Bonifacio Strait.

  • Punta Falcone

This represents the northernmost point of Sardinia. From the promontory you can admire the panorama of the Bonifacio Strait and the islands of the Maddalena archipelago. Goats graze freely among the granite rocks and manage to climb up to the highest and sharpest edges.

In the surroundings there are the remains of some military posts from the Second World War, the Ferrero Battery and the Carolis Battery. The site is definitely worth a visit.

  • San Pasquale and Porto Pozzo

San Pasquale, a small village 15 km from Santa Teresa. From the town overlooking the Maddalena archipelago and Corsica you can admire a splendid panorama divided between the blue of the sea and the summit of Mount Limbara. Porto Pozzo, a hamlet of Santa Teresa, located within a natural fjord and protected by the Culuccia peninsula.

  • Bonifacio (Corsica)

Reaching Corsica starting from Santa Teresa is very simple. The journey takes 50 minutes and arrives in Bonifacio, in southern Corsica. From the port of Bonifacio it is possible to visit the surroundings of the town and return to Sardinia with the evening ferry.

How to get to Corsica from Sardinia

  • La Maddalena Islands

The islands that comprise the archipelago of La Maddalena are a set of islets with white beaches and Caribbean waters. There are no other similar places in the Mediterranean and in fact, the beauty of these islets leaves you breathless.

The best BOAT TOURS at La Maddalena Islands

Where to stay in Santa Teresa di Gallura


The Gallura region is not only synonymous with the elite places of the Costa Smeralda. There are traditional villages where you can spend a holiday just minutes from the most spectacular beaches in complete peace and tranquility.

In Santa Teresa town centre there are many hotels, B&Bs and apartments ideal for spending a few days of relaxation and exploring the area.

Among the many choices we recommend 3 of the best hotels and B&Bs in Santa Teresa.

A dream place: Colonna Gran Hotel Capo testa, where everything is studied in detail. Private beach and swimming pools overlooking the blue sea. Refined dishes and local specialties in the sea view restaurant.

B&B La Torre Elite, for smaller budgets but still comfortable and welcoming. Located in the center of Santa Teresa a few steps from the Rena Bianca beach. It is possible to enjoy breakfast with a wonderful view.

Villa Elena B&B Experience. This B&B has a truly privileged location, right in front of the Bonifacio strait. You can relax on one of the 5 seafront terraces from where you can see the Corsican archipelago. The villa has 4 bedrooms with private bathroom furnished in a rural-chic style.

On the map you will find many offers updated in real time


The incredible scenery of Gallura is unmatched anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

The presence of granite and the typical Sardinian vegetation create perfect landscapes to enter the wildest nature and swim in pristine and clear waters.

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