How to get to Olbia Airport from Alghero

In Sardinia the distances are more extensive than one might expect. Main towns are several kilometers away and the car is the most used and convenient way of transportation

As regards public transport connections are mainly via the ARST regional bus service on medium/large distances and via the rail network that connects the north and south of the island.

Whether you are a tourist or a resident you may have noticed some flaws in the system of local public transport in Sardinia even before having used the services.

The reasons are many: so little information, few connections and difficulties in understanding what are the stops, travel times, schedules … in short, everything that is useful to organize your trip.

Although it is not organized in the most modern way, Sardinian transport offers connections to most of Sardinia’s destinations.

So do not worry – even if you do not have a car – you can travel by bus or train in Sardinia!

How to get to Olbia airport departing from Alghero


Alghero is located on the opposite coast and is about 139 km from Olbia. A medium distance, by car without traffic, takes about 1h 30 min – 2h max


  • Shuttle between airports



There is no official shuttle that connects  Alghero and Olbia  airports. However, the bus company  Sunlines service  –  which operates mainly during summer (in winter it works only if you reach a certain number of passengers) – offers airport bus shuttle from Alghero to Olbia and vice versa




  • Regional bus ARST



There is no direct bus from Alghero to Olbia. You must first reach Sassari and then necessarily take the train to Olbia

For those wishing to leave by bus from Alghero there are two options for Alghero – Sassari 


Departing from the centre of Alghero (via Catalogna stop) – Line 9323





Departing from Alghero airport – Line 760



The tables shown here is available on the ARST  website – for any information you can connect to the company site or call the toll-free number  numero_verde_arst_3


Schedules in PDF for ARST line 9323
Schedules in PDF for ARST line 760



Travelling by bus in Alghero and Sardinia connections


  • Train

Trains have recently improved their vehicles and connections. Currently the train is undoubtedly the best option to travel between Olbia and Alghero. You need to proceed with two different tickets because the service is provided by different companies.

From Alghero you need to go to Sassari. This is the only available route from Alghero train station that only stops in Olmedo and Sassari.

Alghero-Sassari treain route is operated by tregional FDS. The ticket price is around € 3 (one way). Travel time of the journey is 40 minutes.

  • Train Alghero – Sassari


Schedules until March 31st 2018



 How to Travel by Train in Sardinia


  • Train Sassari – Olbia



Sassari – Olbia is managed by Trenitalia. Info on timetables and tickets are available on website

Once you reach Sassari station you must proceed with a new ticket for Olbia. Price of the ticket is about €8 one way

Some trains are not direct but you have to make a stop at  Ozieri – Chilivani station. The change involves a stop of a few minutes to change trains and tracks. Near the arrival at Ozieri-Chilivani you will be informed of the change.


The total journey time from Sassari to Olbia (with change to Ozieri-Chilivani) is 1h 50 minutes



In some time slots, connection is direct without changes. The time for the direct route Sassari – Olbia is 1h 40 min

At Olbia station, take Bus No. 2 or No. 10  that goes directly to the airport. The frequency is every 20 minutes until 8pm. After 8pm every 40 minutes. You have to buy the ticket in the kiosk outside the station.

Olbia train station is right in the city center only 4 Km from Olbia airport. The bus ride takes about 15 minutes


  • Car rental

If  timetables  do not fit with your needs and the transfer to Olbia is likely to become an odyssey, the easiest option is to rent a car


Travelling by car around Sardinia


Car rental prices vary depending on the season but fares start at just € 20 per day. It is preferable to choose a company that provides the option to release the car directly at the airport. You can rent a car either from the airport or from the city center


  • Private Taxi 

A private taxi is the most comfortable option without a doubt but really very expensive. It is necessary to make a free negotiation with the taxi driver to know the schedule needs and the rate.

Book your private transfer from Olbia airport here



  • Car Sharing

Bla Bla Car is the car sharing service that allows you to get a ride sharing the costs of gasoline plus a small fee service. How does bla bla car work? First of all you have to download their APP. Subscribe. Enter the destination and find a passage. Book and pay your seat online. After booking you will receive the driver’s number to contact him. You can also contact the driver before booking your seat. All the info on the site Bla Bla Car

All information contained here  is published for informational purposes only and may change at any time. To confirm schedules and departures, we invite users to contact their respective transport companies before traveling. We are sorry but we do not provide personalized directions on travels


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