7 reasons to visit Sardinia in September & October

09 Jan 2017 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Are you thinking about holidays in warm and sunny place for September & October?


SARDINIA is where to go


July and August are the most popular months of holidays in Italy, hordes of tourists crowd the beaches and the small villages on the coasts . But if you want to avoid the mass and be more quiet you have to know that Sardinia is an all year destination! Full of amazing places to visit, mild climate, warm and friendly people who will welcome you wherever you go. The island offer a mild and sunny climate from April to October, and the beaches are just wonderful in late September 🙂


Several are the reasons why you should visit Sardinia in September and October




1 – great weather

Temperatures are just lovely, still hot and sunny but without the stifling heat of July and August. The nights are more liveable and you can sleep without keeping the AC running all night. You can enjoy the best weather of the whole year in September and October.

The average temperature in September is 27° while in October is 24° perfect for a swim in the sea! The sea water temperature is usually beyond the 20° absolutely perfect for bathing and beach days!

Look at the weather forecast to know what the weather be like in September and October


2 – family fun

The mass tourism has already left the island leaving enough space in the beaches for families and children to enjoy a beach volley match or a lexing day out on the beach.

Couples, solo and adventure travellers will be able to enjoy the sea and the places without noises, screams but only the sound of the sea.


There are plenty of activities you can spend in total relaxation: you can book a boat excursion to Alghero, make a wine tour tasting the Cannonau and typical Sardinian food.


Going to discover some of the most beautiful villages such as Stintino and Bosa, visit the spectacular archipelago of Maddalena and much more! You will never get bored.



Visit our Local Experience section to experience something nice


Few tips for your holiday 

⇓ ⇓ ⇓

 3 local experiences not to be missed  |  what to do one week in Sardinia

3 – parking your car

Yes, that is the matter! You will definetely find a parking space for you car. While in August it will get more than impossosile to park your car at a reasonable distance from the main spots  in September you can easily drive and be stress-less by a traffic jam

You really need a car in Sardinia. If you arrive by plane you need to rent a car directly at the airport. You can book the car at significantly lower prices than August. The cost of a car rental in September is around 25€ per day, while in October it costs 16€ a day!



Check prices on the box below and save


RentalCars offers the best guaranteed price among all rental companies


4- Food & drink

Many are the food festival all around the island in september and octber (search for sagre) where you can taste the typical of sardinia food

It’s all culture and traditions in sardinia: spaghetti vongole e bottarga (egg fish), culurgiones, the traditional roast suckling pig

You can find from the finest cusine for the most demanding palate to the more “casereccia” of the trattorias and botteghe


Enjoy a relaxing dinner where you can take all the necessary time without the waiter pushing you out to seat the next clients … The word in September and October is: relax



Learn how to cook a typical meal in a Sardinia house >> 

gnocchetti sardi pasta dish

roast suckling pig

Starting from September to December, the famous AUTUMN IN BARBAGIA is a celebration, an itinerant gastronomic tour that will make you discover the heart of Sardinia through the various Barbagia countries. Over 30 countries to visit in the inland Sardinia. Autunno in Barbagia is held every year from September to December. The calendar event change every year while some of the most important events remain unchanged like Orgosolo, Osilo, Mamoiada



The beaches of Sardinia are unique in the world! Perhaps more beautiful than many tropical places at hours and hours away from Italy. Being real paradises in the peak months of July and August get very crowded and you cannot enjoy them full and how you would like it. In September, however, they return to being finally accessible.

You can stretch the beach towel on the sand and not on the back of your neighbor as it happens in August. Many pearls of Sardinia – like Stintino’s Pelosa Beach – are so caught up that it is impossible to find parking  or space for your towel.

Stintino is a true paradise that you can enjoy full only in the months of May, June, September and October.


La Pelosa Beach - Stintino - September - Sardinia STINTINO – LA PELOSA BEACH


You want to know where is the best beach in Sardinia? Almost impossible to name all the most beautiful beaches  but we tried to point out some of the best with our BEACH GUIDE


Sardinia in September October


This is a quite fair reason for those planning their holidays in Sardinia. You will save a lot of money by planning your sardinia holidays in September and October. The cost of transportation – which in July and August – gets very expensive – in the months of May, June, September and October, both the plane tickets and ferry tickets are subject to sharp drops and fall by about 40%





Most accommodation offer discounted rates for those booking in September. Any kind of budget can be met. By booking ahead  you obviously get the best rate and you are not likely to be at the last minute still looking for accommodation

Our holiday homes are all in ideal locations in Alghero to reach the beaches and the most important tourist attractions. Contact us and tell us your needs. You will get a personalized quote without any commitment

We currently have amazing offers from late August to October!
Cottages with garden located in the natural park of Porto Conte one of the best areas in north Sardinia

Ask here for information


HOTEL -40%

The cost of a hotel in September drops by about 40% while in October reaches up to 50%

For late arrivals even when booking Last Minute there are great deals. Here are some offers

See the page – Sardinia September Offer – for the best deals










7 – be smart!

By summing up you will have: a great climate with long and warm days, unspoilt beaches to relax, affordable restaurants, parties and music festivals to discover the heart of Sardinia and everything at at lowest prices. Really more than just one good reason!

Do not follow the mass claiming that summer vacations will only take place in August.

September and October, but also April, May and June are the best months to come to Sardinia. Try to ask to a local –  what is the best time to come to Sardinia? – Guess what you will be answered…



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