13 Best Sandy beaches of Costa Rei

Costa Rei includes a long coastline that runs between large sandy beaches and small inlets. The south-eastern coast of Sardinia maintains an unspoilt territory, where it is possible to relax in tranquillity far from the hustle and bustle of the more beaten tourist resorts.

Southern Sardinia is renowned for its endless beaches of fine white sand and clear, transparent waters that are never too cold. You will find true natural pools in Costa Rei, among the most beautiful in the whole of Sardinia.

Thanks to our recommendations, you can choose between beaches suitable for families with children, wilder beaches, areas with facilities or free coves to enjoy the sea in peace, far from everything and everyone.

13 beautiful beaches of Costa Rei in south-eastern Sardinia


(the ones not to be missed!)

1. Porto Tramazzu Beach

The prettiest beach in Porto Corallo is well organised and equipped with all amenities: kiosks, pizzerias, bars and everything one needs for a beach holiday in Sardinia. A comfortable beach that is accessible all year round. It is also suitable for children because the seabed is shallow and perfect for long walks in the water.

2. San Giovanni Beach

A large beach located in the township of Muravera. It is the ideal place if you want to spend hours in peace because it rarely fills up. Although it is not among the most popular, we like it because it is a good alternative to the more crowded beaches, especially during the peak months.

The wooden walkway that runs along it allows for relaxing walks while listening to the sound of the waves. Just relax, you are in the right place!

Where to stay in Costa rei? Muravera

Alternate your holiday between excursions to the forests of Baccu Arrodas, the faunal oasis of the 5 lagoons and the long beaches of Piscina Rei.

Book your stay in Muravera.


3. Torre Salinas Beach

Continuing south in the Muravera area, this is a perfect beach for families with children. A wide stretches of dark sand with shallow, warm waters. Largely public, in the equipped areas you can rent sunbeds and find other services such as toilets, bars and various kiosks.

Near the old lookout tower you can climb up to take nice photos of the coast from above, and there’s also a pond nearby where several pink flamingos spend the day. We recommend the beach because it’s comfortable, quiet and offers the possibility to spend days with your children in complete freedom.

4. Colostrai Beach

This large beach – almost 3 km long – is one of the most beautiful in the area north of Costa Rei. It’s completely sandy with fine sand dunes that give it a wild touch. The water is crystal clear and the shallow sandy seabed varies in some places, but is generally very calm and not very rough.

The beach is not crowded even in the week of August and offers plenty of space. To the north of the beach is the headland overlooked by the Salinas Tower, while to the south it ends with the arm of the Colostrai fishpond. Near the beach there’s convenient parking and some bars for refreshments. It’s definitely worth a visit.

5. Feraxi Beach

This beach of volcanic origin is also very wide, about 3 kilometres, and ideal for those who seek peace and quiet even in August. You can breathe in the scent of the sea and the sound of the wind is the only noise that will disturb you. The sand has an amber colour, while the clear water has a light greenish shimmer.

Thanks to its shallow waters, it is excellent for families with children. It is a very quiet beach because it is wide and not very well known due to the not very convenient way to get there. To get there, you have to walk along a dirt road and some paths. There are also a few kiosks where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

It is also an ideal place for those who like diving to explore the beautiful seabed. A few hundred metres from the entrance, the dunes, completely covered with flowering asphodels, offer a unique spectacle. Beautiful!

6. Porto S’ilixi Beach

The small beach is very pretty with fine sand and very clean water. It is not usually very crowded, probably because access is not very easy: you have to walk along a path about 300 metres long, which is not very comfortable. There are no services or kiosks and it is an ideal place for those who do not like particularly crowded beaches on Sundays. For wild hearts!

7. Sa Iba de Ziu Franciscu Beach

It is part of the long coastline of Costa Rei, in the northernmost section. A long beach with fine white sand, completely immersed in nature. Shallow waters with crystal clear and not too cold. Due to its width, it is a calm and quiet beach and hardly crowded, even in August, compared to the other beaches further south.

On certain days it can be a little exposed to wind. There are no facilities, although refreshments open in high season. Although it is a small clearing, parking is free. It is definitely worth a visit and not too far from the most popular resorts in and around Villasimius. Here you can enjoy peace, quiet and tranquillity.

Villasimius: dream of Caribbean beaches

A place to dream among white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. The Caribbean seems so close… stay a few days in Villasimius, you will not forget it.


8. Piscina Rei beach

It has been called one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is undoubtedly the pearl of all beaches on the Costa Rei. It comprises the northern part of the very long coastal strip that stretches from Capo Ferrato to Scoglio di Peppino and on to Costa Rei. Compared to the southern sections, this beach offers very wide open spaces where you can relax and enjoy the sea. The seabed slopes gently and the water is quite shallow for long stretches.

Almost always windy, but has the advantage that there is plenty of space even in high season. There is free parking and kiosks with showers and toilets. The salt lake behind it, with its pink flamingos, offers an additional incentive to visit this gem.

9. Ginestre beach

Fine, light sand in a crystal clear sea with turquoise and azure hues. This is the southern part of the beach of Santa Giusta, which ends with the famous Scoglio di Peppino.

The very shallow water makes it a popular beach for children. Parking is free, toilets and showers are available for a few pennies. A spectacle!

Scoglio di Peppino

The most famous rock of this coast can be reached from both the Ginestre and Santa Giusta beaches. A viewpoint suitable for snorkelling, as it is immersed in crystal clear waters. It owes its fame to the legend of two lovers, which is why it has become a destination for couples who swear eternal love by touching the sea water.

10. Santa Giusta beach

From the car park, a 350-metre walk leads first to the small cove below Punta S. Giusta and after another 200 metres along an internal path, you reach this little jewel of the municipality of Castiadas.

Large rocky outcrops separate it from the beaches of Sant’ Elmo and Ginestre on the right. Fine white sand and crystal clear sea with a shallow seabed. It is preferred on mistral days as it is protected by the dunes. It ends with the Scoglio di Peppino, which also forms the border with the municipality of Muravera.

11. Cala Monte Turno Beach

A beautiful free beach with clear blue water. The presence of the mountain protects it from the wind, which is very common in this area. Fine, amber-coloured sand. The car park, located a few metres from the beach, costs €1 per hour (you can pay with coins or by app, banknotes are not accepted).

It is best to arrive early in the morning as the beach is small and fills up quickly, as does the car park (be careful, outside the permitted spaces you can very easily get a fine).

12. Cala Sinzias

14 km from Villasimius, after a beautiful panoramic road, you reach one of the most beautiful and longest white sandy beaches in Sardinia. Here we are in the Castiadas area on the south-east coast. Protected from the mistral, it is a free beach for long stretches, but also equipped with facilities with a bar, restaurant and services.

The crystal clear sea, which is almost always windless, is a paradise for those who love to swim, and even at peak times it is never crowded.

Castiadas: the perfect spot between Villasimius and Costa Rei

A succession of bays and white beaches framed by flowering Mediterranean scrub. The small Castiadas is a real jewel where you can relax amidst the sea and make wonderful excursions to Monte dei Sette Fratelli.


13. Cala Pira

Towards the south, this is a beautiful beach with fine white sand and spectacular waters of unique colours and shades. The sea remains clean throughout the day, especially on the opposite side of the beach where there are rocks. It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the south-east coast. A shallow, straight seabed that is also suitable for children. No bars but with a lifeguard.

Your holiday in Sardinia is not complete without experiencing it through the eyes of the people who live there. With local guides, you can enjoy activities away from mass tourism and discover places not accessible on classic tours. Here is our suggestions.

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