Sardinia in autumn: 5 alternative ideas to the beach

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5 non-beach ideas to discover Sardinia in autumn

If you have considered Sardinia as a place only for summer holidays you do not imagine the beauty that this island offers in the sweet autumn days.

The months of September and October in Sardinia have an extraordinary flavor. The clamor and frenzy of the hot August days has passed. Like a wave on which we all got carried away, now the moment of calm and slower rhythms returns.

The real start of the year is September. In Sardinian the month of September is called Capidanni from the Latin Caput anni which means beginning of the year. This is – in fact – the beginning of the agricultural year.
The grape harvest, the olive harvest, the sowing: the rural life resumes.

What is the best time to visit Sardinia?

Autumn in Sardinia has a sweet flavor. The colder months have not yet arrived. The quite warm and sunny days are tinged with soft colors. Therefore temperatures are around 20 ° with peaks of 25 ° while in the evening they almost never drop below 15 °. The perfect climate for excursions, trips and relaxation.

Sardinia in autumn

What to do in Sardinia in the autumn months?

Autumn in Sardinia means food festivals. One of the largest events dedicated to the discovery of typical Sardinian food and wine is Autumn in Barbagia. The event takes place between 30 villages in the heart of Sardinia around the Nuoro province

The event born in 1996 with the name of Cortes Apertas has turned into a journey to discover the authenticity and ancient flavors of the mountain villages in the center of Sardinia.

Sardinia in autumn - murales

5 Alternative ideas to the beaches to discover Sardinia in autumn

1. Nuragic Sardinia: archaeological sites and the famous Nuraghi

Villaggio Nuragico di Barumini

You don’t have to be an archeology enthusiast to get involved in the extraordinary Sardinian archaeological history. You are on a millenary island, inhabited since prehistoric times. Subsequently the Nuragic period is the one that has left numerous signs thanks to the presence of about 7000 nuraghi scattered throughout the island. How can you miss these unique archaeological sites in the world? I mean…seriously?!

The largest nuragic village is the one in Barumini, in the province of Medio Campidano. Impressive is the view of the central tower and the dozens of huts that develop around it. An inhabited village – it is estimated – by about 1000 people and dating back to 1500 BC. For those who are in southern Sardinia, Nuraghe Barumini is a place not to be missed.

If you are based in Northern Sardinia, another important symbol of the Nuragic civilization is the Nuragic complex of Palmavera in the Alghero area. The village enjoys a privileged position just a few minutes from the most beautiful beaches of Alghero. It really worth a visit!

Here Some of the most important archaeological sites that we point out to you:

  • Archaeological area of ​​Tharros. The ancient remains of the city of Tharros from the 8th century BC. Thanks to the exchanges with Africa it was also of great importance in the Roman period. There are still remains of the baths, aqueducts, roads. It is located in the province of Oristano in San Giovanni di Sinis
  • Nora. The splendid Phoenician city in the far south of Sardinia. It is considered the largest city of that era with an estimated population of around 8000 inhabitants. The traces of this ancient city are still evident: the temple of Tanit, the Stele of Nora, the rhyme theater, the mosaics, the houses of which important traces still remain. It is located in Pula in the province of Cagliari
  • Well of Santa Cristina. Truly a fascinating archaeological monument dating back to 1000 BC. It is divided into three parts: the Christian village, Nuragic village and Nuragic Sanctuary. The well is considered the most impressive part of the archaeological site. It is possible to go down to the heart inside through the staircase. It is located in the province of Oristano in the town of Santa Cristina.

These are just some of the archaeological sites to visit but there are really many and all of the highest historical value.

2. Trekking in Sardinia: the best time for nature walks

Trekking in Sardinia

Autumn in Sardinia is the perfect time to go hiking. We apologize to those who choose the months of July and August for their holidays in Sardinia and perhaps, would like to go trekking. Unless you are equipped with a – particular thermal insulation that allows you to resist heat like a camel in the African desert – we tell you: forget it about it…

Taking challenging hikes in July and August is definitely to be avoided. You can always come back in autumn and you will recover with beautiful walks in full nature!

In recent years Sardinia has become one of the favorite destinations for hikers from all over Europe.

If you are a beginner and want to enjoy the wonderful but not very demanding scenery in our guide you can find: 6 easy paths to practice Trekking in Sardinia

3. Surfing in Sardinia in autumn. The surfer’s paradise

surfing in sardinia in autumn

Another activity that would be better to practice in the spring and autumn months is surfing.

There is an area in Sardinia that in autumn becomes the capital of surfers from all over Europe. It is located in the province of Oristano in the Sinis peninsula. The most extreme point overlooking the western side of the Mediterranean is called Capo Mannu.
A particularly favorite spot for medium to large waves. The place is suitable for both beginners and the more experienced.

Another very suggestive surf spot is Buggerru. In this area there are waves for all levels.

If you want to improve this wonderful sport there are several surf-camps that offer the opportunity to stay over and take courses at the same time. A beautiful way to make new friends, learn to surf and discover the beauty of the wildest areas of Sardinia.

Find all the main surf spots in our guide dedicated to surfing in Sardinia

4. Panoramic roads to explore Sardinia by car

Panoramic roads to discover sardinia - pan di zucchero

We have repeated it many times in our articles: to better discover Sardinia you need a car. Unfortunately, public transport is not well organized. You can’t fully appreciate this island without a car.

Car rental prices in Sardinia are quite affordable. You can rent your car directly at the airport without any difficulty.

To get an idea of ​​the costs go to the RentalCar website which offers a guaranteed service and the best car rental offer in Sardinia.

If you already have your car because you opted for the ferry, even better! By booking the ferry to Sardinia in advance, you will get the best rates.

Now that the car problem has been solved, all that remains is to make the most of your time by discovering the best panoramic roads of Sardinia.

This itinerary is also highly recommended for motorcyclists, who will find the perfect conditions for a bike tour between curves and incredible views. In autumn the traffic in Sardinia is almost non-existent, one more reason to choose this itinerary on this time of the year.

Discover 6 of the most beautiful panoramic roads to discover Sardinia in autumn

5. Taste the typical Sardinian experience

Sardinia food festivals

A great way to get to know the essence of the ancient Sardinian land is to discover its cuisine. With Arab influences and typical Mediterranean flavors, Sardinia offers a very high quality of products. Let’s not forget that the diet of the centenarians was born right here. Take advantage of this holiday break to get in touch with the Sardinian culinary tradition proposed by local people.

In conclusion, traveling to Sardinia in autumn has a magical taste. Few tourists, mild and sunny climate, wonderful places, genuine food. Perfect ingredients for a relaxing holiday in full contact with nature.

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