Why Sardinia Is The Best Beach Destination In Italy in 2024?

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8 (GOOD) Reasons why you should visit Sardinia in 2024

Exactly! 2024 is the year for travels and holidays. Among the most popular countries where to enjoy a period of relaxation, there is Sardinia – the ideal destination to recharge without a long-houl flight. In fact, it is considered as one of the best beach destination in Italy, for a whole series of reasons. Do you want to know what they are? All right then, keep scrolling to read more about your next holiday in this wonderful island. You won’t be disappointed 😎

The reasons why Sardinia is the most popular destination for beach-holidays in Italy are so many and we are not referring exclusively to the wonderful beaches. In fact, we know that its coasts are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean: a succession of beaches, solitary coves and bays with Caribbean colors.

Not just beaches, though. Those who come to Sardinia – to live a unique experience – must go in search of the innermost villages where they can immerse themselves in Sardinian culture, discover its folklore and traditions that remain linked to a past that is still so alive.

What can you find in Sardinia apart from the beaches?

Apart from the amazing beaches you can also enjoy yourself in a lot of outdoor activities like:

  • hiking on mountain trails
  • visiting small villages
  • going to the traditional festivals
  • explore the wild forests, canyons, hidden caves and cliffs
  • millenary archeological sites
  • aperitifs at sunset
  • food and wine tours

Not to mention Sardinian cuisine, among the most authentic and genuine in Italy!

To list all the reasons why Sardinia is the best beach destination in Italy, we should take too much time and so let’s get straight to the point! We give you all the main reasons why you should choose it for your next holidays in Italy.

One only regret: a single visit will not be enough…Take into account that your desire for Sardinia will not end with a single holiday ☺️

8 (GOOD) Reasons why Sardinia is the best beach destination in Italy

  1. When is the best time to visit Sardinia? Sun & Shine. Enjoy the warm weather.
  2. Relax in a beautiful sand beach. Dream beaches at 1-hour of flight.
  3. Villages and small cities to visit. Out of mass tourism.
  4. Trekking & Excursions. Wild nature between mountains and cliffs overlooking the sea.
  5. Events and festivals not to be missed. Live like a local between popular festivals. .
  6. Sports & Experiences. Recharge yourself in the open air.
  7. Most important archaeological sites. Unique millenary places.
  8. Sardinian food & wine: the excellences. A journey through the genuine flavors of the island.

1. Sun & Shine. Enjoy the warm weather.

Not only are we talking about the summer climate which is typical of the Mediterranean – perfect for spending your holidays at the beach and evenings under the stars. We also want to focus on the periods considered out of season. In fact, Sardinia has a favorable weather for most of the year. Although the majority of the tourists are concentrated exclusively in the months of July and August, the best times to visit it are from April and June and then from September until the beginning of November.

In these months the temperatures are perfect for exploring the hinterland, hiking, visiting small villages and even for going to the beach. From April, the first swims of the season usually start: the days are often sunny, warm and welcoming. The still deserted beaches are even more fascinating. If you are a lover of fairytale sunsets, come to Sardinia between the end of September and October: you will enjoy truly unique sunsets. The sunsets of the pre-autumn period are something magical!

When to go to Sardinia? The best times of the year to visit Sardinia

2. Dream beaches at 1-hour of flight.

For the beaches we should open a separate chapter. There is no area in Sardinia that does not hide a small pearl of white sand and crystal clear water. North or south, where are the most beautiful beaches? The fair answer is: everywhere!

Obviously visiting them all in a single trip is not possible because they are located on opposite sides of the island with several hours away from each other. But we can certaintly give you some adivices about the most beautiful!

Dream beaches: North, South and central Sardinia

TOP 12 amazing beaches!

  • La Pelosa (Stintino)
  • Cala Coticcio (Isola di Caprera)
  • Capriccioli (Arzachena)
  • Cala Goloritzé (Baunei)
  • Is Arutas (Cabras)
  • Piscinas (Arbus)
  • Tuerredda (Teulada)
  • Su Giudeu (Chia)
  • Cala Domestica (Buggerru)
  • Porto Giunco (Villasimius)
  • Cala Pira (Castiadas)
  • Lido di Orrì (Tortolì)

Your journey among the best Sardinia beaches

3. Don’t be just a tourist but a curious traveler. Visit the small villages to discover the Sardinian identity

Too little we focus on the beauty of the small villages of Sardinia. They certainly deserve more than a quick visit and if you have the chance, take time to visit some really fascinating ones. Among all the historic villages we point out some where you can make a stop and discover their old traditions.

Small and charming villages


9 Cities in Sardinia that you absolutely must visit

4. Reconnect to the wildest nature. Trekking & Excursions

In recent years Sardinia has attracted the attention of hiking and trekking enthusiasts from all over Europe. We have created a website dedicated exclusively to excursions and mountain treks: perfectSardinia- tours & hikes in Sardinia.

The island offers all the perfect features for those who love to go on an adventure trips. Find the perfect places for challenging treks halfway between the coast and the rugged peaks of the Supramonte. Each area offers different itineraries both for pure hiking lovers and for those who love simple easy-nature-walks.

Amazing Hikes & Trails

4 Popular Hikes in Sardinia

Please mind that for some trekking it is necessary to have a guide

6 Trails (RECOMMENDED) for trekking in Sardinia

5. Discover the traditions. Live the atmosphere of the popular Events & Festivals.

Sardinia is a millenary island where traditions have been handed down with great care for hundreds of years. This is recognized in various aspects of Sardinian culture where the past takes on a role of absolute importance. It is found in cooking, crafts, music, costumes. A path made of rituals and folklore that more than any other region represents the identity of a proud people.

The most important events in Sardinia

TOP 8 Events you can’t miss in Sardinia

6. Recharge your energy with lots of outdoor activities.

Choosing Sardinia for a well-deserved holiday in Italy means being in full contact with nature. Sports, experiences, day trips, you have a lot of choice: spend a day lulled by the waves of the sea, dedicate yourself to a tastings experience in local wineries, learn how to make fresh home-made pasta, take a kayak trip, explore wild-paths …. you are really spoiled for choice!

There are unique paradises to explore, activities of a few hours or half a day. But here in Sardinia you can get away from it all even simply enjoying a sunset by the sea with an ice cold beer…

TOP 10 most popular activities in Sardinia

  1. Maddalena Archipelago boat tour
  2. Cooking class in Cagliari: learn how to make Culurgiones
  3. Dolphin Watching Tour
  4. Home cooking class in Alghero
  5. Boat tour on the island of Tavolara
  6. Sightseeing Segway tour to observe flamingos
  7. 4×4 tour between land and sea in the Gulf of Orosei
  8. Tasting of oil, cheese and wine in Alghero
  9. 8h boat tour in the waters of the Gulf of Orosei
  10. Costa Smeralda Tuk Tuk Tour

6. Culture & History. Get to know Sardinia through the archaeological sites.

The beauty of Italy passes above all for its history and culture. A unique country in the world! Sardinian history differs considerably from that of the rest of Italy – probably for geographical reasons – characterizing it above all for the Nuragic civilization that populated the island starting from 1800 BC. This has left several testimonies still perfectly preserved today that recall its millenary soul.

Very interesting are the Nuraghi scattered throughout Sardinia, there are about 7000 throughout the territory. The Nuraghi – candidates to become Unesco heritage – are monobloc towers often single or organized in real villages surrounded by dozens of huts. They are found both in coastal and mountain areas, even in the most remote areas. Still little is known about these buildings with perfectly intact geometries. One more reason why Sardinia is not just a beach destination in Italy!

Some of the most important archaeological sites

TOP 8 Archaeological sites to visit

  • Su Nuraxi of Barumini
  • Palmavera Nuragic Village
  • Nuraghe of Santu Antine
  • Tharros ruins
  • Well of Santa Cristina
  • Menhir of Laconi
  • Menhir of Sorgono (located in the exact center of Sardinia)
  • Ancient Phoenician city of Nora

7. Sardinian food and wine among the best excellences of Italian cuisine.

Sardinian cuisine is represented by simple ingredients and local products. The agro-pastoral economy has allowed over the years to carry on a production of milk and cheeses of excellent quality. Breeding is also one of the main aspects, where the cattle live in favorable climatic conditions and are raised in an almost completely natural way. As well as orchards, vineyards, olive groves and cereal crops are excellent products.

Sardinia farms produce most of the food that arrive on the tables of the Sardinians. And the genuineness of their products is synonymous with a great quality of life. It is no coincidence that Sardinia is one of the 5 blue zones in the world for the high concentration of centenarians.

There are no secrets in the diet of the Sardinians but only a single characteristic: simplicity. The ancient Sardinian cuisine consists of meat, cereals, legumes and fresh local fish and mostly and not refined ingredients.

Sardinia cuisine: the recipe for longevity

The main Sardinia dishes

  • Fregola ai frutti di mare
  • Panada di agnello e verdure
  • Culurgiones di patata
  • Bottarga
  • Maialetto cotto alla brace
  • Dolci: seadas, pardulas.
  • Liquore al mirto.

Sardinia, land of red and full-bodied wines

Recently it has been discovered that the Sardinians drank wine as early as 1300 years before Christ. This marks the importance of wine in Sardinia. One of the Italian regions with the largest amount of native vines thanks to the different types of soils (volcanic, clayey, sandy). A journey through the cellars is essential to get to know an excellent quality of wines often snubbed by the Italian wine culture.

Main Sardinian wines

  • Cannonau (red)
  • Bovale (red)
  • Monica (red)
  • Carignano (red)
  • Cagnulari (red)
  • Vermentino (white)
  • Nuragus (white)
  • Semidano (white)

If you love wine, don’t miss the tastings at local wineries: a great way to taste the typical products and discover something more about your trip to Sardinia.

Best wine-tours

If you have chosen Sardinia as your beach destination in Italy but you want more than a just beach-vacation…get in touch, we will be happy to help you to plan your next holiday to Sardinia!

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