S’ Ardia of Sedilo – the spectacular horse race

28 Jun 2017 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

S’ Ardia is one of the most fascinating events in Sardinia. It takes place in Sedilo, a small village of 2000 inhabitants in the province of Oristano. The spectacular race rides around the church of San Costantino to which every year around 100 knights participate. It takes place on the evening of July 6th and is repeated in the morning of July 7th.


In the central square of Sedilo, the pastor officially names the three knights as representatives of the Christianity who will receive the “pandelas”: the three flags (the yellow, the most important one, the red and the white ones)
The head-runner and the two riders will thus have the task of defending the “pandelas” from the other riders who represent paganity.

The crazy race is started – according to the ritual – almost suddenly after reaching the Sanctuary of Santu Antine (San Costantino) from the first pandela, followed by the second, third and three stocks. The three Pandelas represent St. Constantine and his army. Approximately 100 riders participate every year


06h00 and every hour: the holy mass in the Sanctuary
07h30 e 09.30: Holy mass in the church
11h00: Holy Mass in the Sanctuary presided over by the Bishop of Ales-Terralba Mons. Roberto Carboni
16h00, 17h00 e 18h00: the holy mass in the Sanctuary

18h30: At the Sanctuary of San Costantino: beginning of S’ Ardia accompanied by Sedilo riflemen and Monastir musical band.

22h30: In the village main square Regina Margherita in Sedilo “Cordas et Cannas” in concert


06h00 – 06h45 – 07h30: Holy Mass in the Sanctuary
06h30 – 11h30: Holy mass  in the church

07h30: At the Sanctuary of San Costantino: Ardia accompanied by Sedilo rifles and Ales music band. Holy Mass follows in the Sanctuary

18h30: Solemn Vespers and procession of St. Constantine, with the presence of the Bishop of Alghero-Bosa, Mauro Maria Morfino.
22h30: In the village main square Regina Margherita in Sedilo, the band “Marlene Kuntz” in concert

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How to get to Oristano

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By bus dicrect bus from Alghero, Olbia, Sassari, Nuoro and Cagliari.

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By car: from the main road in Sardinia – the SS 131 Carlo Felice – connecting Oristano  to the main cities of the island.

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