What’s the most beautiful beach in Sardinia?

16 Jul 2018 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

In the battle for the title of Best Sardinia Beach, it’s really impossible to name only one winner


Sardinia is famous for its beaches and its coastline. There are plenty of gorgeous beaches around the island. Some of them are very popular which makes almost impossible to enjoy them without the crowds or others that are on isolate islets that can only be reached by boat or through long walks in the wilderness of the mountains

Here are 6 OF THE TOP BEACHES that can  offer the stunning combination of sea, sand and clear blue waters


  1. La Pelosa
  2. Is arutas
  3. Cala Brandinchi
  4. Cala Golotitzè
  5. Tuerredda
  6. Porto Pino



Scroll down to find out what’s the best Sardinia beach

1 – La Pelosa Beach – Stintino (North Sardinia)

Note: you must have mats for the sand, or you can get fined! It’s to put under your towel to preserve the beach and don’t take too much sand away when you leave. If you don’t have it you can buy from the guys on the road for like 5€ each

The – busiest and most touristy –  beach in Sardinia near Stintino. Not the Caribbean’s or the Hawaiis its like nothing you ever saw in your life! Water is so clear and more transparent than a swimming pool. Sand is white and soft, in one word…stunning!

There’s just one problem: it’s always very very crowded. Always packed with lost of visitors from June to September. You must come early morning though if you want to park anywhere near and stay closer to the water and enjoy this incredible scenary!


2 – Is Arutas – (Cabras) – West Sardinia


Because of this particular kind of small quartz type you won’t be getting home with sand all over you…nice! Please beware: do not take the wonderful little pearls with you  – first of all because we must to preserve the place and of course, you can get fined for it!

Get ready to feel surrounded by nature and a crystal clear water of a wonderful turquoise. An unsual beach with incredible quartz sand that makes Is Arutas  such a  special and magical place.

A natural, clean and gorgeous beach. Great place to do snorkeling with amazing underwater views. It is a small piece of heaven. Obviously very popular place gets crowded easily on high season. Plenty of parking nearby with bar facilities

3 – Cala Brandinchi – (San Teodoro) – East Sardinia

Very quiet in late September which is the best time if you want to swim without the crowds

There is a beach bar serving drinks, snacks and ice cream. Also a car park which costs about 2€ per hour

Enjoy the same experience as the Caribbean beaches at Cala Brandichi. Also known as  – Tahiti – because of its Caribbean looks. Crystal clear and calm turquoise sea water. Warm in temperature. You will be surprised by the colours of the sea. Great soft sand. The setting is beautiful, plenty of greenery. A perfect beach for families with young children because of the shallow and warm  waters. A real gem of a beach close to San Teodoro





4 – Cala Goloritzè – (Baunei)- East Sardinia

Recommended for adventurers. Prepare yourself if you choose to trek there. Wear good shoes and prepare for the hike. It’s recommend getting there quite early  even to beat the midday heat. Pack food and plenty of water and food. There are no bars or vendors around.. From the parking point (Bar Su Porteddu) it takes 1h 30 min to get there and 1 hour and 40 minutes to get back. It is not a difficult hike, but might be more difficult if it’s hot outside.

There are some beautiful beaches along this stretch of the coastline which are not accessible by car. Only two ways are possible: by sea or trekking
By sea is probably the best way. You can hire a rib or join day-trip boats that drop off and pick up from beaches along the coast.

The hiking it’s totally worth it! It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, according to many classifications. And this is absolutely true. It has a special charm and the water is just amazing.  Great for snorkelling, the waters full of fish as close even to the shore


5 – Tuerredda – (Teulada) – South Sardinia

Fcilities in the area: 2 beach bars/restautant, good food and local drinks. Car park costs €7 for the day or the one closer to the entrance to beach (a few minutes less walk) cost €9

Definetly one’s of the best place on south Sardinia. Worth a visit just an hour far from Cagliari. Transparent waters with all the shades of turquoise, Not very warmed but shallow and calm…very pleseant. Well protected from the wind and a stunning view of a pretty bay and island in the distance.

There’s shallow rocks at the edge of the beach which good for snorkelling. Water sports available and if you like swimming you can do your personal challange by reaching out the small island in a 10 mins swim. Highly recommended!

6 – Porto Pino – (Sant’Anna Arresi) – South Sardinia

There is an animal friendly area and life guards available for your safety (although waters are not deep or rough)

There is great parking though that costs €5 all day and there’s plenty of space. Pop over the bridge, walk the path and meet this spectacular beauty!

The white sand stretches literaly for miles! The beach is absolutely stunning like a heaven on earth. The area is beautiful with pines, and at the end of the beach is a white sandy stretch that feels more natural. It is a nice clean beach with few little bars for snacks and lunch where you can also rent sun loungers and parasols to get some shadow from the sun


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