The best Maddalena Islands Boat Tours

The paradise of La Maddalena Islands


The Maddalena archipelago is the spectacular group of islands in the extreme north of Sardinia. Not far from the town of Palau where boats depart for excursions to the archipelago.


The color of the water is something spectacular, ranging from intense blue, to turquoise, to emerald green. The water is so transparent that is rather similar to those of the Caribbean


The 7 main islands of the Maddalena archipelago: Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria, Razzoli. See below all islands main beaches


arcipelago della maddalena sardegna


What are the islands to visit?


  • La Maddalena. The main island of the archipelago and the only inhabited. The city of La Maddalena is one of the most interesting villages to visit with the lovely historical center. A walk through the streets of the village is really worth it. On the island some amazing coves and beautiful small beaches


  • Caprera. The second island by extension. Connected to La Maddalena by a bridge-dam. The island is known to have been the home of Giuseppe Garibaldi for over 20 years. His white house (a mexican fazenda style) is today a museum visited by many tourists during the summer months. One of the most beautiful bays is on this island is Cala Coticcio, a true natural paradise which is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Italy.


  • Santo Stefano. The closest island to Palau just a few miles from the coast. On this small island you can stay at the beautiful Santo Stefano Resort with a spectacular private beach. A unique location in Italy!


  • Spargi. The beaches of Spargi are those of the brochures that represent the unique beauty of La Maddalena Islands. Not even the best filter on your phone will be able to reproduce the colors of its waters. The island of Spargi is worth the whole trip to Sardinia!


  • Budelli. On this island and its only inhabitant a modern Robinson Crusoe (the caretaker who was shipwrecked here about 30 years ago established his exclusive residence). Here the world famous beach Spiaggia Rosa. Beautiful and drastically protected inlet. Forbidden to the public, it’s only possible to observe it from a certain distance. The color of the sand is pink due to the corals. Through the boat excursion you can see it at a good distance and take some pictures.


Spiaggia Rosa - La Maddalena Islands


  • Santa Maria. In addition to the two main islands, this is also permanently inhabited. Here you can visit the beautiful cove of Santa Maria, a Caribbean beach where the water is ultra transparent. Usually the stop on this beach is normally scheduled during the boat excursion to the archipelago


  • Razzoli. A small island with of just under 2 square kilometers. There are incredible paradisiacal coves perfect for snorkeling




7-Hour La Maddalena Archipelago Boat Tour


esursione arcipelago della maddalena


Take a 7-hour boat tour to discover the Maddalena Archipelago. The tour includes stops in different islands of the archipelago, including Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and La Maddalena, where you can enjoy a pleasant swim or visit some shops. Furthermore, you will have a bar and restaurant service on board.

The tours depart every morning from the port of Palau and from the port of La Maddalena.

Enjoy a walk and some shopping in the city center of La Maddalena. If you wish, you can take an optional open-top bus tour at La Maddalena  (for an additional fee).

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Full-Day Boat Trip to the Islands of La Maddalena

escursione arcipelago della maddalena sardegna


You will embark at 09.45 and leave Palau at 10:30 am towards the beautiful island of Spargi. Once you arrive, grab your beach bag and visit the amazing little beaches of  the island

Back on the boat, you will find ready a tasty lunch with pasta with scampi and mussels as an optional second course. You will then depart from Spargi and set sail along the coast to the island of Budelli, where you will have the opportunity to take photos of the famous Spiaggia Rosa. The emerald waters of the Port of the Madonna will take your breath away. Head to the island of Santa Maria, where you can get to the beach, sunbathe and go for a swim, or go for a walk to the ancient lighthouse on the island.

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