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Why Sardinia Is The Best Beach Destination In Italy?

28 Aug 2021 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

8 Reasons why you should visit Sardinia After the uncertainty of the last period, 2021 finally marked the return of […]

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August in Sardinia: 6 holiday ideas for the August Holidays

13 Aug 2021 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

MID-AUGUST IN SARDINIA This year you have finally decided to come to Sardinia to spend the August Holidays and you […]

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Moving to Sardinia: the best areas to live

07 Mar 2021 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Interesting facts & tips if you want to move to the beautiful Italian island Dedicating quality time to ourselves in […]

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Enjoying A Safe Trip To Sardinia Post-Covid-19

20 Feb 2021 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Just before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sardinian tourism was booming, with over 14M tourists choosing this azure paradise to immerse […]

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The hike to the Nuragic Village of Tiscali

14 Jan 2021 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Get ready to discover the millenary history of the Nuragic Village of Tiscali The charm of Sardinia is timeless. This […]

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Christmas in Sardinia: how to celebrate

10 Dec 2020 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Christmas in Sardinia To understand what Christmas in Sardinia means, we must start considering an important aspect. About 2 million […]

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Sardinia in autumn: 5 alternative ideas to the beach

06 Oct 2020 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

5 non-beach ideas to discover Sardinia in autumn If you have considered Sardinia as a place only for summer holidays […]

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Easter in Sardinia: 5 villages to visit

03 Mar 2020 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

5 lovely villages to celebrate Easter in Sardinia Easter 2020 will be on Sunday 12th April. This means the perfect […]

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10 Nov 2019 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

NEW YEAR’S EVE IN SARDINIA Where the best New Year’s parties are celebrated in Sardinia? A different place, new people, […]

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3 Best Events in September in Sardinia

25 Sep 2019 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

WHAT TO DO IN SEPTEMBER IN SARDINIA   the 3 best events you can’t miss   Sardinia, is one of […]

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Autumn in Barbagia: discover the heart of Sardinia

22 Sep 2019 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Among the most striking and popular events in Sardinia. It takes place in September, October until December   What is […]

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38 Stunning Blue Flag Beaches in Sardinia

13 May 2019 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

38  blue-flags! The most cleanest beaches in Sardinia 2019   Sardinia is the most famous region of Italy for the […]

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