What to do in Sardinia in May: 6 Local Events

14 Apr 2022 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia


You Have At Least 14 Hours Of Daylight A Day To Enjoy Sardinia In May

There is no doubt that May is one of the perfect months to visit Sardinia. Nature is at its highest splendor, the coast and beaches are not yet crowded, the weather is warm but not too hot, the sea water has a pleasant temperature and If – all this were not enough – some of the most important local events – take place just in May.

The best Sardinia events such as the Feast of Sant’Efisio and the Horseback ride of Sassari are among the most important of May. This year, due to Covid, some events have unfortunately been postponed such as the Sardinian Cavalcade of Sassari which was moved to September 2022.

Best Events In Sardinia In May

May 1st  Is A National Holiday Throughout Italy And Also In Sardinia Is Celebrated With The Traditional picnic On The Beach and day-excursions in the nature. Here The best Spring Events.

Feast of San Simplicio Olbia

15 May 2022

On May 15th we celebrate San Simplicio, the patron saint of Olbia. A series of events are celebrated throughout the day. It starts in the afternoon from the Basilica of San Simplicio with the procession followed by the musical band. Followed by folk groups with costumes from all over Sardinia and the Limba poetry competition (in Sardinian language). There will also be the festival with the tasting of the famous Olbia mussels.

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Spring in the heart of Sardinia

From 23 April to 26 June

Two months dedicated to the discovery of the most fascinating territories of the less known Sardinia. From April until June you will have the opportunity to visit these suggestive villages, discovering their history and surroundings. The typical dishes, handicrafts and local culture. A great way to spend your spring holidays in the heart of Sardinia. Starts from from Bosa (May 1), Villagrande Strisaili (May 7-8), Torpé (May 14-15), Triei (May 14-15), Gairo (May 21-22), Orosei (May 28-29) ), Lotzorai (May 28-29).

For informations: https://www.cuoredellasardegna.it

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Feast Of Sant’Efisio In Cagliari 

1 – 4 May 2022

The most important festival in Sardinia, an explosion of flowers and colors. From 1st to 4th May 2022 the 366th feast of the patron saint of the city of Cagliari is celebrated. A day full of events and demonstrations until late evening. Allegorical carts, costumes, polyphonic choirs, traditional dances to discover the history of this ancient island. Unmissable!

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Feast of Sant’Antioco – Patron saint of Sardinia

30 April – 1-2 May 2022

In Sant’Antioco on the beautiful island in southern Sardinia three days of celebrations dedicated to Sant’Antioco – the Patron Saint of Sardinia. The procession with the Saint will move through the streets of the town accompanied by the faithful. Followed by many folk groups, traditional songs, dances, typical food to celebrate an ancient festival in its 663th edition.

For informations: https://www.magnalongadorgalese.it/

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Alghero Free-Entry Sights

14-15 May 2022

We are at the 26th edition of this event which involves numerous towns in Sardinia including Alghero. Two days dedicated to the discovery of historical and natural sites accompanied by local guides. A very important event to learn about the history of this beautiful town in northern Sardinia. Do not miss the visits to Casa Gioiosa, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the nuragic village of Palmavera, the Roman Villa of Sant’Imbenia and much more. Access to the sites is totally free.

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Magnalonga Dorgalese

22 May 2022

Visit Dorgali and its surroundings in this interesting itinerary among the wild paths between the coast and the mountains. A 9 km walk to discover the woods up to the crests of the Supramonte. Interspersed with tasting sessions of typical Sardinian products and local wine. The event involves the purchase of a ticket. Visit the official website for information. https://www.magnalongadorgalese.it/


Trekking to Cala Luna: amazing hike in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Private Tour by canoe on Cedrino Lake: enjoy a relaxing day in the wilderness.

Hike to Nuragic Village of Tiscali: one of the most famous trek not to be missed!

Other Useful Things For Those Visiting Sardinia In May

Weather Forecast In May

  • May is one of the driest months, very sunny with little rainy days. The average temperature is around 25°C during the day while the night falls to a minimum of 15°C. When to visit Sardinia?

How To Dress In May In Sardinia

  • Put a light jacket and a sweatshirt/sweater in the suitcase, especially in the evening near the sea you can feel the humidity. Short sleeve shirts and shorts can not miss. Obviously do not come to Sardinia without a bathing suit, in May the sea is absolutely beautiful!

Unique Experiences To Do In May In Sardinia (before tourists come!)

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