What to do in Sardinia in May

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What to do in Sardinia in May


You have at least 14 hours of daylight a day to enjoy Sardinia in May

There is no doubt that May is one of the perfect months to visit Sardinia. Nature is at its maximum splendor, the coasts and beaches are not yet crowded with hordes of tourists, the weather is warm but not too hot and air conditioning is barely needed, the sea water has a pleasant temperature and If – all this were not enough – some of the most important local events – take place just in May



 Best events in Sardinia in May

May 1st  is a national holiday throughout Italy and also in Sardinia is celebrated with the traditional trip to the sea and with concerts on the beach and festivals in the main towns

Some of the events scheduled for May in Sardinia


Music Festival in Olbia – May 1st 2018



The big concert of the 1st of May  takes place this year in Olbia. From 3.00 pm the concert begins in the park Fausto Noce with various artists on stage until late evening. Some artists of this year 2018

  • Ginevra Di Marco con ospite Cristina Donà
  • Gazebo Penguins
  • Vanilla Sky
  • EN?GMA + Kaizén – Gabriele Deriu
  • The Wheelers Trio
  • Delirio
  • Mislay



Music and Food Festival in Olmedo – May 1st


The festival of May 1st in Olmedo is an unmissable event for tourists and residents. In the afternoon musical band, folk group in traditional Sardinian costume and Sardinian music concert. In the evening around 22.00 concert of Articolo 31 (2.0)




Feast of Sant’efisio in Cagliari – May 1st 2018


The most important festival in Sardinia celebrating the Saint of Cagliari – Sant’Efisio – a day full of events throughout the city of Cagliari.

Read the complete program of the Feast of Saint Efisio in Cagliari 2018





Wine festival in Atzara – May 12 – 13th 2018



In collaboration with Slow Food and the Italian Sommelier Foundation, the Wine Festival in this small town of central Sardinia in Barbagia region is held by editions.


Two days of celebration that include Sardinian music, the classic Sardinian dances in costume. It starts on Saturday 12th May in the afternoon with the procession of the characteristic carts of Atzara up to the concerts of traditional Sardinian music with various folk groups starting at 22.00. Sunday, May 13th visit to the cellars and tours of the typical streets of the country. Workshop on the preparation of typical bread Sa pane ‘e saba


During the day on Sunday you can take eno-archaeological tours, with visits to the Mandrolisai vineyards and wine tastings  and typical products




The Sardinian horse-race of Sassari – May 20th 2018



From 1899 the famous Sardinian horseback ride through the city with a galloping race and with fascinating pariglie. Hundreds of horsemen and horsewomen are the protagonists of this millennial event. Parades in traditional Sardinian costume, musicians, launeddas, typical tastings, poets and tenor. Events start in the morning and continue throughout the day on May 20th




Girotonno Carloforte – May 24 – 27th 2018



The ancient tuna food-festival in one of the most beautiful cities of southern Sardinia – Carloforte – on the island of San Pietro. Four days between culture, food and wine, music and shows.

The program is full of events for which you need to arrive in the morning to fully enjoy the day on the island





Other useful things for those visiting Sardinia in May


Weather forecast in May

  • May is one of the driest months, very sunny with little rainy days. The average temperature is around 25°C during the day while the night falls to a minimum of 15°C


How to dress in May in Sardinia

  • Put a light jacket and a sweatshirt/sweater in the suitcase, especially in the evening near the sea you can feel the humidity. Short sleeve shirts and shorts can not miss. Obviously do not come to Sardinia without a bathing suit, in May the sea is more beautiful!!


Unique experiences to do in May in Sardinia



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