Alghero in 2 days: suggested itinerary

13 May 2018 @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Alghero in 2 days: 11 places to see in a 2-day itinerary 


You will be in Alghero only for a week-end? Here’s what to see in Alghero in just 2 days. Follow our itinerary to experience the best that Alghero has to offer. Even if you have little time to spend in this beautiful city of Northern Sardinia, with our guide you can discover the most beautiful places of Alghero in just 2 days!



Alghero in two-days: DAY 1

A car is recommended. However some places on the itinerary are reached by public transport too.

 #1 – The Old Town and the walls


How to get there:  public transport – by walk

Time to spend: 1h or 2h

Type: walking tour, sightseeing, food & drink

The historic center of Alghero is undoubtedly the most fascinating part of the city. Narrow cobbled streets, ancient buildings, small craft shops and bars where you can taste the typical flavors of Sardinia.


Among the monuments and squares to visit we recommend: Torre di Porta Terra, Piazza Civica, Church of San Michele, Torre Sulis, Lo quarter, Church of San Francesco.


It’s the must-see for those traveling in Sardinia and visit Alghero even for 2 days. You will not be disappointed by the Catalan atmosphere that you breathe in the city called the little Barcelona of Italy



♥ Cooking class and a meal in a typical Sardinian house



#2 –  The Cathedral of Santa Maria


How to get there:  by foot

Time to spend: 30 mins

Type: walking, sightseeing


During your 2 days in Alghero a walking-tour through the monuments of the historic center is essential. Among many, one of the most important is the Cathedral. Dating back the 16th century, the cathedral presents different styles due to the various phases of construction: Gothic-Catalan, Neoclassical and Late-Renaissance style. If possible, it is also worth visiting the bell tower of Santa Maria from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the coast.



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 #3 – Lungomare Valencia


How to get there:  by foot

Time to spend: 1h

Type: walking tour


Do not miss the classic walk along the Lungomare di Alghero. Start from Piazza Sulis and continue all the way up to Piazza Balaguer. About 1 km along the coast with a splendid view of the Capo Caccia giant. It’s the historic walk of Alghero famous for its sunsets over the sea. Bars and clubs along the way for a coffee or an aperitif.



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 #4 – Sandy Dunes of Maria Pia


How to get there:  public transport – by car – by foot

Time to spend: from 2h to half-day

Type: beach, excursion

The Maria Pia beach in 2018 was elected as one of  the most beautiful beaches in Italy from the TripAdvisor travelers choice. Characterized by the thick pinewood and the white sand dunes. Comfortable to relax under the junipers sheltered by the summer heat. The backdrop is shallow with transparent cristal clear and warm waters. Also recommended for families with children.


It is connected to the city by a long cycle path. It can be reached by local transport and during the summer the beach-bus service is active.



#5 – Lazzaretto & Le Bombarde beach


How to get there: public transport – by car

Time to spend: from 1h to half-day

Type: beach, excursion

The beach of Lazzaretto and Le Bombarde are the most popular in Alghero summers. Normally they used to be very crowded on weekends, so a visit is recommended on week days. White sand, extraordinarily transparent waters. In this stretch of coast the water temperature is rather cold but definitely perfect to tone up! Even if you only have 2 days in Alghero, you cannot miss them!



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#6 – Aperitivo at the Lido


Movida at the Lido in Alghero

How to get there:  public transport – by car

Time to spend: 1h

Type: relax, social

The Lido of Alghero is a long stretch of beach that starts from the city center and goes up to the beginning of Viale I Maggio towards Fertilia. 2 km of sandy coastline full of establishments. Via Lido at evenings it comes alive with young people, tourists listening to music and enjoying the social life. A seafront aperitif to finish off your first day in Alghero. In your instagram a photo of the Lido’s aperitivo it can’t miss out ♥



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 Alghero in two days: DAY 2



 #1 – Neptune’s grotto


How to get there:  public transport – by car – by boat

Time to spend: from 2h to half-day

Type: excursion,  trekking

Prezzo: 13€ per person

The Neptune’s caves  dating back the prehistoric times are the most famous of all Sardinia. They extend for about 4 km but only 1 km can be visited.
Inside the cave you can find the white sandy beach, the underground salt lake Lamarmora, almost ten meters deep, and four rooms. Through a path you can visit the hall of the Reggia, where an 18-meter column rises up to the vault and forms two spectacular arches.


The Hall of the Ruins and the Smith Room (or Organ Room): named after the English captain who discovered it in the nineteenth century. At the center of the Great Organ, which takes the form of a large organ formed by stalagmites. Impressive!



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 #2 – Porto Conte park: the Prigionette


How to get there:  by car, by organized tour

Time to spend: from 4h to half-day

Type: excursion,  trekking

The faunistic area of Le Prigionette in the Porto Conte Park it’s located 15 km from Alghero. An alternative place to the classic beach-only holiday.
In the heart of the park, different varieties of endemic plants and various species of animals including wild horse, albino donkey, fallow deer, hares, and for bird-watching lovers different varieties of birds.


Visitors can hike through the forests of pines, elms, and the typical Mediterranean vegetation and stop for a picnic in the sheltered areas.


A place dedicated to nature lovers with spectacular views across the bay of Porto Conte. Make your 2 days unique in Alghero by a nature-walk in the park.




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 #3 – Porto Ferro beach


How to get there:  by car

Time to spend: from 1h to half-day

Type: beach, excursion

The most distant beach from the Alghero area to the north. Among the most pristine and wild beaches where it is possible to make excursions between the dunes and the Mediterranean scrub.


It ‘s the beach of surfers, very often the mistral winds-up creating medium waves is definitely One of the best places to surf in Sardinia.


The kiosk/bar serves good beer and some light meals. The environment is relaxed, it almost never gets crowded due to its size – about a couple of kilometers long – you can feel comfortable and quiet enjoying the view and the sound of the waves.



In this short video, a particularly windy day in Porto Ferro





#4 –  Nuraghe Palmavera


How to get there:   by car

Time to spend: 30 min – 1h

Type: excursion

Ingresso: 3€

Located in the north of Alghero towards Porto Conte, after Fertilia. The nuragic complex one of the most important of Sardinia develops a central tower around which the rest of the village takes place.


The nuraghi are part of Sardinian history and these archaeological sites are the true symbol of Sardinia. A visit to the Nuraghe Palmavera is inevitable to know the traditions of this ancient island. In your two days of vacation in Alghero you can not really lose it. Guided tours are available.


Events take place during the summer: readings, jazz concerts, astronomy evenings and theatre performances.




Private archaeological tour with tour guide (transfer included)




#5 – Sunset at Capo Caccia


How to get there:  public transport  – by car

Time to spend: 1h

Type: excursion,  trekking

One of the most beautiful and romantic places to watch the sunset is the Capocaccia lookout. A glass of wine, the immensity of the sea and a good company. The whole holiday in Sardinia would be worth just to live this moment.


Reach the belvedere at least half an hour before sunset to find your spot on the ridge. Don’t forget to bring a fresh bottle of vermentino with you!



Here is a video of Capo Caccia from the sea




In just two days you can certainly visit the highlights of Alghero and its surroundings. In any case, it is advisable to spend at least a week to discover the best of north-west Sardinia.




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