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The city centre – the old town


Alghero is the most characteristic tourist resort on the North West Coast. Solitary creeks, small bays with white sandy beaches over an emerald-green sea.


The mild climate, the crystal-clear water, the delicate scents of the Mediterranean vegetation invite the visitors to spend a pleasant and relaxing holiday.


The Old Town is one of the most interesting in Sardinia: its origins can be traced back to 1300 remarked by the Catalan civilization. The  long Spanish domination is still reflected on architecture and especially on the language spoken by the local population. The algueres is in fact one of the variants of the Catalan.


The imposing town walls, the refined historical palaces, the old churches – together with the local restaurants, souvenir shops and the bars make the old town the most vivid parts of the city.




The beaches


The Riviera del Corallo, so called the coast around Alghero, offers numerous and beautiful beaches. Most of the beaches are located north of the city within the Porto Conte Park.

Continuing in a northerly direction you go beyond the Lido di San Giovanni, along the Maria Pia road with the famous white sand dunes. Reached the small village of Fertilia the area of the Regional Park of Porto Conte begins, which includes some of the most important beaches: the Bombarde beach and the Lazzaretto beach with its picturesque coves.

After a few kilometers you reach the bay of Porto Conte with the beautiful and extensive Mugoni beach.


Do you want to discover all the beaches of Alghero? Read our guide and visit them all!


The Most Beautiful Beaches of Alghero



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The Park of Porto Conte

The Park of Porto Conte includes a vast natural area full of paths, beaches, archaeological sites among the most important in northern Sardinia. Inside the park you can practice many activities including hiking, cycling or horseback.


The heart of the Park is dominated by the promontory of Capo Caccia, the true symbol of the city. Inside the marine area there are the  Neptune’s Caves


Through the Scala del Cabirol – with its 656 steps – you can reach the Caves from the top of the promontory down to the sea level


The Neptune’s Caves: how to get there, opening hours and prices


Capo Caccia, famous for its rocks and spectacular cliffs (the highest point of about 130 meters) boasts one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Sardinia from which to photograph spectacular sunsets! Follow us on Instagram for updates and the best of Alghero and Sardinia





The history of Sardinia passes through its ancient nuragic culture. About 7 thousand nuraghi scattered throughout the island. Alghero has within its territory one of the most important and well preserved nuragic villages. The Nuraghe Palmavera  is located within the Porto Conte Park area, about 10 km from Alghero. Surely among the most panoramic of Sardinia.


Another archaeological site of particular interest are the Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju. 38 Neolithic tombs dating back almost 3,000 years. Well preserved with depictions still clearly visible


Few new museums were recently opened in town: Museo del Corallo, the Archaeological Museum with the interesting exhibition “Nuragici”


Just a short vacation? Visit Alghero in two days



The Food


As in any part of Sardinia,  in Alghero too you will be conquered by the quality of traditional products and food. The Catalan influence is also expressed in the cuisine that combines the flavors of Sardinia with those of Catalonia. The result? An excellent and unique mix


Some of the best local dishes to try while in Alghero?


Paella algueres, octopus or gattuccio agliata, Catalan lobster, fregola with seafood, fish soup (copatxa de peix), spaghetti algherese, Catalan cream and the typical menjar blank



Alghero: images of Sardinia

One of Sardinia’s most beautiful cities, Alghero is the main resort in the northwest. The animated historic centre is a the perfect place to hang out, and with so many excellent restaurants and bars. It makes an ideal base for exploring the beaches and beauty spots.

 Enclosed by the seawalls, this is a tightly knit enclave of shady cobbled streets. Below, the marina and long, sandy beaches curve away to the north. Presiding over a Spanish atmosphere, even today, after more than three centuries, a form of Catalan (algueres) is still spoken, and street signs and public places are often written in both Catalan and Italian.


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