Neptune’s Caves

Neptune’s Caves

| Capo Caccia – Alghero |


Among the many natural wonders of Sardinia is this one of the most spectacular places: the Neptune’s Caves. Visited every year by more than 150,000 visitors, it remains one of the TOP experiences in the area around Alghero


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The cave is preserved rather well despite the 2 million years it has behind! They are among the largest still existing and extend for about 4 km inside the promontory of Capo Caccia.


The entrance to the caves is located at the base of the promontory right at sea level


From here the tourist itinerary begins. The itinerary is almost 1 km long in a rich and luxurious environment of natural sculptures such as stalactites and stalagmites, in addition to the presence of the lake and even a beach!


It starts with a visit to the large room inside which is located the Lake Lamarmora one of the largest salt lakes in Europe.



At the center of the cave stands the imposing stalagmite of about 2 meters called the holy water font (acquasantiera). The name is probably due to the fact that this – thanks to its particular form of containment, collects rainwater becoming a sort of natural watering hole for the birds that nest here


Continuing the path, after passing the room –  Sala delle Rovine –  you reach the most beautiful and majestic part: the Royal Hall (sala reggia)


A central column of 18 meters that reaches up to the ceiling and divides to form two arches.
The lake ends with a sandy beach called Spiaggia dei Ciottolini.
After the Reggia, you see the Sala Smith, where the Great Organ stands, the largest column in the entire cave. Its castings recall those of the organ pipes. This room owes its name to the English captain who at the beginning of the 19th century was one of the first explorers of the cave.


The itinerary ends with a visit to the room – Tribuna della Musica – a suggestive balcony from which you can enjoy the view of the area of the Reggia and of the Lamarmora Lake from above.
For those who love diving there are some other underwater caves near Capo Caccia:

  • the cave of “Pizzi e Merletti “
  • the most famous the gigantic Green Cave – grotta verde.  Its rocky walls can only be visited by expert cave divers. A pond on the bottom returns a green light. Its environments, once dry, were a place of worship and a funerary site from the 6th millennium BC. to the Middle Ages.
  • Also in this area of the promontory stands the cave of Nereo, the largest submerged cavity in Europe where to make wonderful diving.


In front of Capo Caccia stands the most photographed on instagram  the Foradada island (pierced island), which takes its name from the tunnel that goes through it from side to side

Opening times

The Neptune’s Caves are open all year. The best time to visit the caves is from April to October


From 1 April to 17 September: every day from 9.00 to 19.00 (last admission)
From 18 September: every day from 9.00 to 18.00 (last admission)
From November to March: every day from 10.00am to 3.00pm (last admission)


Ticket price

Adults € 13
Children (3-12 years) € 7
Groups (minimum 25 people) € 9
School children (minimum 15 people) € 7
School children (minimum 15 people) € 9


How to get there

The caves of Neptune are located within the promontory of Capo Caccia under the spur with entrance to the sea level. You can reach Capo Caccia in two ways.


By sea with the boat line departing from the tourist port in the center of Alghero.



By land along the famous “Escala del Cabirol”  a staircase with ramps of about 660 steps “excavated” on the ridge of the promontory.


In the second case you can get it by car or alternatively by bus. The bus service of ARST line reaches the parking lot at the top of Capo Caccia. From the parking lot you can take the famous staircase that reaches the sea level and then the entrance of the cave



La scala del Cabirol (Cabirol steps)

The staircase was built in 1954 to provide access to the caves that until then were only accessible by sea and consists of over 600 steps. The staircase built on the rocky walls of the promontory offers a splendid view of the bay and a spectacular access to the caves. To consider before tackling it: 656 steps down and 656 steps to climb!



Boat excursions


The companies that provide the service by boat are Navisarda and Attilio Regolo both departing from the tourist port in the center of Alghero. It is necessary to buy two separate tickets: one for the boat and the other for  the caves.

Please mind: the cost of the boat ticket does not include the entry to the Caves

Linea Grotte Attilio Regolo
from Alghero Port  Tel. +39 368 3536824

Tickets prices

Adults € 15
Children € 7

Linea Grotte Navisarda
from Alghero port  Tel. +39 079 950603 | +39 320 7412400

Tickets Prices

adults € 16
children 3/12 years € 8
school children from € 8 to € 10
groups € 13



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Boat trips around Capo Caccia

The cave line offers only a transport service to the Caves. To visit this coastal area you can make several half-day or full-day boat trips with lunch on board

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