One week holiday in Sardinia: what to see

26 May 2016 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

have you plan one week holiday in the north west coast of Sardinia?


here’s some tips of where to go and what to do during your 7 days




We do not recommend a trip coast-to-coast from north to south of the island. The distances are really long and by the haste to visit too many places you will not fully experience the beauty of the locations.

We focus on the north-west of Sardinia

Say your destination is the airport of Alghero-Fertilia and your arrival and departure base is in Alghero

Itinerary of one week: Alghero, Porto Conte, Capocaccia, Stintino, Asinara, Castelsardo, Bosa

day 1


visit the old town and the ramparts

day 2


10km north of ALGHERO get a rest day between Lazzaretto, le Bombarde e Mugoni beaches

day 3


20km north Alghero you can get there by boat from the harbor in the city centre or by foot dawn the stairs directly from Capocaccia cape

day 4


not to be missed a day at the famous La Pelosa beach

day 5


take an excursions in the beautiful archipelago of Asinara in the north of STINTINO

day 6


at the center of the Gulf of Asinara. Historic village overlooking the sea and dominated by the castle. Day between sea and culture. It is 75 km from Alghero

day 7


about 46 km south of Alghero. Beautiful village built on the banks of the river Temo with colored houses

This route is suitable for those who in addition to spending a holiday on the beach also wants to explore the island to immerse themselves in the culture of historic towns like Bosa and Castelsardo, regenerate dining in restaurants among the cobbled streets of the old town of Alghero and enjoy the beauty of wildness always predominant in a trip to Sardinia

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