Chia’s Beaches: the 7 most beautiful


If someone has ever told you about the beauty of Sardinia’s beaches, you have certainly noticed a special light shining in his eyes. Only those who have seen the splendor of these beaches can explain it.

And No…not even the perfect instagram filters will be able to transmit the beauty of these southern Sardinia pearls

In this stretch of coast there are some of the absolutely must-see beaches. Long shorelines,  gentle white sand dunes where to relax and let yourself be caressed by the sun and the wind.

This is one of the most windy places. Frequently beaten by the mistral wind – and for this reason – particularly loved by surfers from all over the world, becoming the ideal destination for surfing and kitesurfing

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The Chia’s beaches are also the ideal place for those seeking tranquility.

Even in summer you can be lucky enough to find a faraway corner where you can enjoy the sea in peace and the silence in the shade of junipers

Thanks to their shallow waters, all the beaches of the Chia coast, are particularly popular with families with children and fans of underwater fishing and diving.

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Keep reading to discover

7 most beautiful Beaches of Chia in South Sardinia


1.  Porto Campana beach

The famous white sand dunes up to 20 meters high are located right next to this beautiful location near Domus de Maria. Porto Campana beach also known as Campana dune beach offers enchanting scenery.

Crystalline and transparent water. Soft and amber sand. The bottom is basically low and this means that this beach is perfect for children.

In the area there are beach services, kiosks and you can rent equipment for water sports

2.  Su giudeu beach

Among all the Chia’s beaches this is probably the most beautiful! Also called  s’Abba Durci beach (it means fresh water beach), is a long stretch of white sand surrounded by high dunes.

Not in many parts of the world will you have the opportunity to swim in one of the crystal clear waters and at the same time admire the pink flamingos of the nearby pond

Sandy bottom. Very fun to explore with a pair of goggles and fins to reach the island that is located a few meters from the shore.

The beach is quite extensive so it is never overly crowded. The blue of the sea will appear almost suddenly after the short walk from the parkin. Just cross the dunes, junipers and mirto trees: all of Sardinia is here!

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3.  isolotto de su cardolinu beach

The beach is separated into two small coves by a thin strip of sand. When the tide is low you can easily reach the island and admire the view from another perspective.

One of the wildest Chia‘s beaches, with no facilities. It also turns out to be very intimate and reserved for those who love peace and direct contact with nature. Behind this beach the dense Mediterranean vegetation that extends for several meters from the parking lot

4. sa colonia beach

Long stretch of sand dominated by the small promontory with the tower. The ideal place to relax.

Just go a few more meters far from the parking lot to find a free and quiet space even in the busiest months.

The sand is sometimes very white and sometimes amber-colored, which gently slopes towards the sea. The backdrop in this case is rather low and gradual. Largely free with a small establishment with bars and services

If you really want to be abducted by the colors stay until sunset …

5. porticciolo beach

A small half moon of striking beauty. This little gem is right in the middle between the beach of Su Cardolinu and Sa Colonia. It is possible to take a tour of many of the beaches of this area alternating between a walk and a swim.

The Chia tower can be reached with a 10-minute walk on the small promontory.

This is also a small pristine and natural beach. The difference between the other beaches is that the bottom here is deeper and is more exposed to the wind. The sand especially along the shore is less sandy and more granular. One of the ideal destinations for snorkeling

6. cala cipolla beach

Not very large beach. If you want to make the most of this beach maybe the month of August is not really ideal. In high season it fills up very easily so it would be advisable to visit it during low-season periods to be able to appreciate it at its best.

Apart from that … what a show! The colors: the turquoise water, the bright green of the Mediterranean, the scent of myrtle shrubs. It’s not just a beach, it’s an experience! 

Also nice the walk up to the lighthouse of Capo Spartivento to enjoy a view that will enrich even a little more your visit in Sardinia

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Have you ever thought about staying in a lighthouse? This is a unique experience to do at least once in your life! Faro Capo Spartivento it is still an active lighthouse and is also a fantastic Hotel with two swimming pools, a restaurant and an underground cinema. Very close to the beach of Cala Cipolla with an incredible view of the cliffs that become a dream at sunset!

7. spiaggetta del morto

If you ever have the chance to find a day with few people you will have the feeling of being on your private beach. Really small, a perfect cove to enjoy a day at the beach without too many frills.

Here too, the colors are the master: the bright blue and the green on the back. The amber white sand. Wear the fins mask for fun with snorkeling on the rocky coast that surrounds it.


If our journey through the Chia’s beaches ends here, the visit continues with other interesting places nearby

Take advantage to make the excursion along the Roman road that connected the ancient city of Nora with the port of Bithia. Vist the pond of Chia where you can admire the pink flamingos. Hike to the lighthouse of Capo Spartivento

Let be inspired by these tours. You can book them online

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