CASTELSARDO – Things to see and best beaches




Those who decide to spend a few days holiday in Northern Sardinia can not miss a visit to Castelsardo. Considered one of the most beautiful villages of Sardinia and Italy.

Directly on the sea is dominated by the castle that – still intact for over 1000 years – stands in defense of its low houses and its historic center that stands right on its slopes.


Founded in 1270 by the Genoese family of the Doria family, it has an ancient history. Conquered in 1400 by the Spaniards it was baptized Castellaragonese and for about 300 years it belonged to the kingdom of Spain. From 1720 it was reconquered from Italy by the Savoy and finally became Castelsardo

Why you should you visit Castelsardo?


Because it is and like a jewel set in the rock. It will captivate you for its numerous natural and historical beauties. It offers one of the most spectacular views because it is located right in the middle of the Gulf of Asinara where on clear days you can glimpse the mountains of Corsica.


The Castello dei Doria remains intact after centuries. It stands right on the promontory surrounded by walls around which the village of colorful low houses and narrow alleys develops. The castle can be visited all year round from Monday to Sunday. In July and August it stays open until late at night! The ticket price is € 3


Castelsardo (SS)

In the alleys of the old town, stop to observe the small shops where women weave baskets of dwarf palm. An ancient art and still very present in everyday life. An exhibition of hand-crafted objects can be found in the Museo dell’Intreccio which can be visited in the rooms inside the Castle



Castelsardo enjoys a unique position because a short distance from the most beautiful tourist sites of Sardinia. About 50 minutes drive from the beautiful village of Stintino and the famous La Pelosa beach.


For those arriving by plane in one of the airports of northern Sardinia, it is only 70 km from Alghero airport and about 100 km from Olbia airport


Without a doubt, you can not leave without visiting some of the most evocative places in the North of Sardinia





1. Castello dei Doria


2. Chiesa di Nostra Signora di Tergu


3. Piazza del Novecentenario

piazza del novecentenario-castelsardo

4. Piazza del Duomo

piazza del duomo-castelsardo

5. la Concattedrale di Sant’Antonio

la concattedrale di sant'antonio-castelsardo

6. Domus de Janas (case delle fate)

domus de janas-castelsardo

7. Museo dell’intreccio


8. la roccia dell’elefante


9. lu Bagnu




One of the most popular events takes place in the heart of summer on July 20th. You can spend an evening walking through the narrow streets of the historic town while enjoying a glass of local wine


The event called CASTELSARDO DIVINO offers visitors a tour of the best wineries in Sardinia. It will be possible to taste good Sardinian wine and eat the typical dishes.


The novelty of this year will be the Mamutzones of Samugheo, the typical Sardinian masks that will parade and bring their rhythms through the streets of the historic town


The event starts in the evening starting at 8.30pm

If you are in the area or are planning your itinerary in Sardinia, do not forget to add your notes: 20 July, Castelsardo spunta




Many beaches are located around the village. It is worth visiting them all! The most famous is the beach of Lu Bagnu, a small beach with crystal clear water and fine white sand.

Visit all beaches in the area

  • Spiaggia di San pietro
  • Cala Ostina
  • Cala La Vignaccia
  • Cantareddi
  • Lu Bagnu
  • Marina di Castelsardo
  • Pedraladda
  • Punta La Capra
  • Punta Li Paddimi




The typical specialties of the village are those based on fish, in particular lobster and seafood but also spider crab, mullet, san pietro fish and sea urchins. Many are the typical restaurants where to taste the delicacies. The center of the village is always very lively with excellent restaurants and a fun nightlife

Zuppa alla castellanese (Castellanese fish-soup): the fish is cooked in a pan with chopped onion, parsley, oil and chilli. A tasty dish, which can be accompanied by bruschetta.

Aragosta alla castellanese (Castellanese lobster): it is the specialty of the village, fished in local waters. The sauce is the real peculiarity of this dish that is made with lobster eggs. The lobster is boiled separately and finally served with the sauce.



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Stintino – La Pelosa beach

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