The 9 Most beautiful Cities of Sardinia

23 Jan 2018 @bluAlghero-Sardinia

TOP 9 Most beautiful cities of Sardinia not to be missed


Sardinia is one of the Italian regions particularly famous for the beauty of the coast and its beaches. The white sandy shores and the emerald green sea  make it a real natural paradise and the perfect holiday destination
Populated by about 1 million inhabitants, Sardinia is scattered by many small villages  rich in history, immersed in a wild and uncontaminated nature.


If you are looking for unique places to spend your holidays you can not leave without visiting some of these towns.  We highly recommend these 9 beautiful cities of Sardinia that will enrich your holiday with the most traditional and typical aspects of this ancient island.



Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia. An holiday destination not to be missed for your trip on the island. Breathe the sea air and the view of the lagoons with pink flamingos. You will fall in love admiring the sea at sunset. The 4 historic districts of Cagliari: Castello, Villanova, Stampace, Marina will immerse you in the culture of its noble palaces and while strolling through the alleys of the historic center you can stop and enjoy the typical restaurants and breweries


Do not miss:  Saint Remy rampart,  Sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Bonaria, Poetto beach,  Molentargius park


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Carloforte, is the small and only village on the island of San Pietro in the southern Sardinia. The inhabitants have Genoese ancestry and tabarkine (from the Tunisian island of Tabarka). This aspect is still reflected in the particular dialect spoken by 87% of the population which makes a special mix of Sardinian and Liguarian language. Very charming seaside village for its colorful houses and narrow streets.

The beautiful beaches: the Girin beach, the Giunco beach, the largest of the island, Lucchese, La Bobba, Guidi, Puntanera. Absolutely stunning:  La Caletta and Capo Sandalo, with the lighthouse where you can admire the sea gulls


Do not miss: Girin beach, the Columns, la Conca, la Caletta, Punta delle Oche caves, natural pools of Nasca, salt flats (with pink flamingos)



A journey back in time in Orgosolo.  Located about 20 km from Nuoro, in the heart of Sardinia, the region called Barbagia. Visiting the historic center  means taking a tour of the famous murals considered a real cultural heritage. The murals express the daily events, the cultural and social life,  the history of a land and its struggles


Do not miss: murals of the old town, Supramonte excursion, lunch with the shepherds, nearby village of Mamoiada





Alghero is named for being one of the most beautiful cities in Sardinia. The refined Riviera del Corallo, because of the great presence of the most precious quality of red coral. It’s also called the Barcelona of Sardinia for its Catalan influences still remaining in the language and in the historical-cultural sides


Do not miss:  old town (alguer vella), Cathedral of Santa Maria, Porto Conte  regional park, the Nuragic village of Palmavera, Maria Pia beach, Lazzaretto beach, Neptun’s caves


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Olbia is the capital of Gallura on the north-east coast of Sardinia. A modern city in continuous expansion. Over the years it has been able to enhance the unique beauties of its surroundings specially the Costa Smeralda.  Famous for being one the most exclusive destinations in the world between breathtaking landscapes and amazing beaches


Do not miss: tomba dei giganti, Costa Smeralda,  La Maddalena islands, San Simplicio church, Pittulongu beach, Porto Istana


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Santa Teresa di Gallura. Beautiful village in the extreme north Sardinia. It’s a friendly and colorful village full of unspoilt places to visit. Its location is truly unique for excursions to La Maddalena islands.  From Santa Teresa it’s quite easy to take a day trip to Corsica reaching out the french village of Bonifacio passing  trough the beautiful (and windy!) Mouths of Bonifacio


Do not miss: old town, Rena Bianca beach, Santa Reparata, La liccia, Moon valley, Capo testa, Tower of Longosardo, Nuraghe of Lu Brandali



Castelsardo. A medieval village of rare beauty located right in the middle of the Gulf of Asinara. An evocative historical center with steep streets, typical places and Sardinian craft shops. A visit to the 12th century Castle of the Doria is essential for those who visit this village. Have a tour at the Museo dell’Intreccio (the ancient art of creating Sardinian baskets with hay, palm and raffia threads)


Do not miss: castel of Doria, the elephant rock, cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate, Lu bagnu beach, cala Ostina



Located just south Alghero, about 50 Km away, Bosa is a small village of ancient origins. Crossed by the river Temo (Sardinia’s only navigable river) it is characterized by the typical pastel colored houses, the wrought iron balconies, the narrow alleys of the historic center where the beautiful Malaspina Castle stands out. You will find a magical atmosphere in Bosa, titled as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy


Do not miss: castel of Malaspina,  river Temo, Church of Nostra Signora de Sos Regnos Altos, Bosa Marina, cove of Compoltitu,  S’abba Druche beach, Turas beach



Pula is a town of about 7000 inhabitants in the south-west of Sardinia. Located in a privileged position not far from the large Cagliari (about 35 Km). It’s one of the most important tourist town in the south of the island thanks to the presence of the ancient remains of the archaeological site of Nora (VIII BC). The ruins of Nora are an open-air museum, they preserve very well the temples, the forum, the baths and the amphitheater.


Do not miss: Archaeological site of Nora, Church of Sant’ Efisio (do not miss the amazing  Sant’Efisio feast) beaches of Santa Margherita di Pula (Cala d’Ostia, Cala Verde), Guventeddu beach


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