Top 6 Scenic Drives in Sardinia

20 Oct 2020 @bluAlghero-Sardinia

TOP 6 Scenic drives in Sardinia


Let’s forget for a moment about Sardinia’s most famous and popular seaside resorts. Let’s focus instead in what makes this island unique in the world.


What are we talking about? The peculiarity of having a few hours away some of the most extravagant places of the Jet-set with landscapes so harsh and wild that recall an ancient and lost world. Places where nature is the only protagonist.


Let’s immerse ourselves in this journey to discover a part of Sardinia that you may not find on the covers of magazines.


Take the car and set off on the journey among the most spectacular scenic drives in Sardinia. Mark these itineraries on your list – trust me – you will not be disappointed!





You can’t miss the TOP 6 scenic drives in Sardinia



  1. Coastal road Alghero – Bosa
  2. Panoramic road Cagliari – Villasimus
  3. Fontanamare – Nebida – Masua
  4. Baunei – Dorgali
  5. Chia – Teulada
  6. Road Vecchia Orientale Sarda 125: Campu Omu





Let’s see in detail: how to reach them, distances and places of interest nearby.





  1. Coastal road: Alghero-Bosa

Litoranea Alghero - Bosa


This is the favorite destination for bikers: 45 km of pure fun. The road is a succession of curves and short straights that directly overlook the north-western coast of Sardinia. Going through it is a concentration of emotions, a feeling of absolute freedom.






Proceeding towards Alghero, the famous Capo Caccia promontory will follow you for most of the road. After several curves, the entrance to l’Alguer (as the city is called in Catalan) continues to give emotions because the panoramic road continues when you are already in the center of the city. The Alghero-Bosa coastal road is one of the most famous scenic drives in Sardinia.



Dove:  Strada Provinciale SP105/SP49       

Distance:  45 Km       

Time:   55 min





3 b&b which we recommend if you want to stay a few days in Bosa

B&B Bomarosa

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B&B Blu Bosa

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  1. Panoramic road to Villasimus from Cagliari

Strada Cagliari - Villasimius


The coastal road to Villasimius is one of the most beautiful panoramic drives in Sardinia. Among other things, some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia are concentrated in this stretch of southern coast. The intensity of the colors is surprising: from the cobalt blue of the sea to the brightest green of the Mediterranean scrub. When the road resumes towards more internal stretches, there is all the scent of rural Sardinia.



Approaching the incredible Mari Pintau will leave you breathless. The name says everything: it means painted sea. Following this path is the experience of colors. Continue and meet the splendid Torre delle Stelle and then Solanas: an immense stretch of white sand and incredibly blue waters. Stopping by to admire the landscape is mandatory. It is not just a road only to go. It should be experienced with various stops between the extraordinary locations and beaches.




Directions: Strada Provinciale SP17     

Distance: 50 Km       

Time: 1h    




Find an Hotel in Cagliari. The best offers on the map.





  1. Road from Fontanamare to Masua

Strada Panoramica Fontanamare - Masua



Fontanamare, Nebida e Masua are the three villages you will meet in these 8 km of scenic road overlooking the south-west coast of Sardinia. The rugged and wild nature shows itself in all its strength in this part of the island. Leaving the Fontanamare beach, continue on the SP 83 and enter a series of curves overlooking the sea.



After passing the village of Nebida, you enter the most suggestive point, the one where you are inside the Canyon. While driving the beautiful view of the Pan di Zucchero rock, well over 100 meters high, it appears almost suddenly in front of you. The road continues between curves and the view of the most famous cliff in Sardinia.



An extraordinary view up to Masua. You can stop at the entrance where you can park the car and go down to the beach. From here, enjoy the enchanting view of the Sugar Loaf (Pan di Zucchero) which rises with all its grandeur, right in front. Watching this amazing landscape while drinking an Ichnusa beer is the best!



Directions: Strada Provinciale SP83 

Distance: 8 Km 

Time: 15 min   




Do not miss one of these tours in the Sulcis area. Book online. 

Tour inside the mine of Porto Flavia

Porto Flavia: the extraordinary gallery built on the rock overlooking the sea. Guided tour inside this unique work in Sardinia.

Boat excursion at the Pan di Zucchero

Half day boat tour on the Sulcis coast. You will be able to swim in the crystal clear waters, visit some caves and admire the Sugar Loaf (Pan di Zucchero) in all its grandeur.

Buggerru: TOUR Half Day in RUBBER (SUN and STOP BATH between caves and coves)

Visit the hidden pearls of Southern Sardinia by rubber and swim in these amazing waters





  1. Baunei-Dorgali SS 125


Strada Dorgali -Baunei


On the central-eastern coast of Sardinia there are some of the wildest and most impressive landscapes: you are among the majesty of the Supramonte mountains, the silence and the most unspoiled nature typical of this area. The limestone massifs draw an almost lunar landscape. You have to enjoy this road calmly, breathing the air of the Barbagia mountains.



Climb up to the top, the panoramic village of Baunei, a small town in the heart of the mountains with the sea in the distance. Between curves and imposing limestone rocks you cross the heart of the Supramonte.



This road also leads to the entrance to the Gorroppu canyon. This is a popular destination for hikers from all over Europe to experience the almost mystical canyon experience. Continue between curves and more mountains and curves until you reach Dorgali.


The view of the sea returns to soften our gaze after the angularity of the limestone rocks. Welcome to Sardinia where the rugged mountainous territory blends with the Caribbean colors of the sea.



Directions: strada statale 125 Orientale Sarda   

Distance: 50 Km 

Time: 1h   



Tour in the Orosei Gulf and Trekking to Gorroppu

Trekking to Gorroppu Canyon 
Your guide will take you inside the most famous canyon in Europe.

Catamaran tour in the Gulf of Orosei
By catamaran to discover the coves of the Gulf of Orosei

Trekking to Cala Luna
Reach the splendid Cala Luna through this guided tour.




5. Chia-Teulada


Strada Teulada Chia Sud sardegna


Panoramic road SP 71 between Chia and Teulada. This extreme section in the south-west of Sardinia. 25 km of absolute beauty. Lots of coves, white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea-water. The road is an ups and downs between slightly more internal paths and stretches that almost literally touch the sea. Impossible not to stop along the way.




Yu will find some of the most beautiful southern beaches along this scenic drives in Sardinia. Unique places such as Tuerredda, Piscinnì beach and numerous coves. The view of the sea follows the whole itinerary. Walking it in the low season, in the months of September and October, allows you to enjoy it to the fullest. You can’t miss a swim in these splendid clear waters.



Directions: Strada Provinciale SP 71

Distance: 25 Km

Time: 40 min




Stay in the south Sardinia. Updated prices on the map.




  1. Road 125 Orientale Sarda – Campu Omu




Strada San Priamo - San Gregorio


This stretch is part of the ancient Sardinian road: Orientale sarda 125. At the point that goes from San Gregorio to San Priamo there are incredible straights, winding elbow curves. A path of about 27 km surrounded by dense vegetation, nuraghi, mountains and the downstream river.



You have to love curves a lot because in this ancient road you will have to face many. This section called “Campu Omu” is surrounded by the canyon carved into the granite rocks. With the motorbike you can travel this panoramic road in one breath.



Taking advantage of these landscapes is a must. Perhaps making some stops where you can go down to the valley and walk along the banks of the stream. Pure nature.





Directions: Strada Statale  SS125  Orientale Sarda     

Distance: 28 Km   

Time: 35 min





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