Easter in Sardinia: 5 villages to visit

03 Mar 2020 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia

5 lovely villages to celebrate Easter in Sardinia

Easter 2020 will be on Sunday 12th April. This means the perfect weather for picnics, hikes in the countryside and walks on the beach with the first warm April sun

It has been a tough year so far, with all the world’s emergencies including the panic created by the coronavirus it’s now time to reconcile with the world in the most authentic way possible. Spring is the perfect time to go In Sardinia to find some relaxation . If you are looking for a place to allay and disconnect from everything this beautiful unspolit island will give you all the ingredients.

Anyone in Sardinia knows: during the spring time between April and May the island reaches its maximum splendor. Flowery fields, intense colors of the fields, long sunny days and still deserted beaches. Celebrating Easter in Sardinia means enjoying nature, eating typical dishes and getting to know some of the most ancient traditions

If you have decided to spend your Easter holidays in Sardinia (#greatchoice!) We give you some suggestions on what to do and where to go in Sardinia for Easter 2020


Easter in Sardinia

Easter in Iglesias. This small town in southern Sardinia prepares for Holy Week celebrations in a mix of Sardinian/Spanish traditions. Do not miss the Good Friday procession followed by Is Baballottis. The faithful wrapped in their completely white dress accompany the statue of Christ through the streets of the whole village in a solemn and heartfelt procession.

What to do in Iglesias. Take advantage to visit the south Sardinia. Iglesias was one of the mining towns of the area. It is really interesting to take a tour of the disused mines transformed into museums and geo-mineral parks. On our South Sardinia guide you will find some advice on what to do and what to see in southern Sardinia including the Iglesias town

Where to stay. If you want to stay off of the beaten track and be in touch with a real Sardinia style Agriturismo Sa Rocca offers you great food and wonderful views of the countryside. Prices start at 59€

2. Alghero

Pasqua in sardegna

Easter in Alghero. Another town with a strong Spanish influence and specifically Catalan imprint is Alghero. Called the Alguer (in Catalan) it is considered one of the most beautiful destination in Sardinia. Here you can find everything for a great spring-break: beautiful beaches, a lively historical center and lots of excursions and activities in its natural park. The Setmana Santa of Alghero with the processions of the Mysteries on Tuesday and Good Friday reaches the height of its Easter celebrations

What to do in Alghero. The so-called Little Barcelona offers the opportunity to enjoy its beautiful beaches and many activities within the Porto Conte park. Try the restaurants and the small birrerias to taste wine and crafts beers in the historic town, as well as obviously the specialty the Catalan lobster

Where to stay. Stay rural in the heart of the natural park. One of the best location in Alghero just few mins from the beach. bluAlghero Cottages with private garden and BBQ facilities. Prices from 50€

3. Orgosolo

Easter in Orgosolo. What better occasion to get to know the heart of Sardinia. Drive up to the mountains of Barbagia and when – the sea seems so far away that you don’t even believe you are still in Sardinia – you will have finally arrived in the village-museum of Orgosolo. The most exciting moment is Easter Sunday. At the moment of S’Incontru the whole town reach the centre of the village. Many faithful walk through the streets in the traditional Sardinian dress reciting the Rosary in the old Orgolese language. In such a fast and often superficial world, stopping and witnessing this ancient and profound rite is pure emotion

What to do in Orgosolo. Obviously take a tour of the murals scattered among the houses across the village. There are more than 200 in the small old alleys. Your iphone battery needs 100% charge because you will not stop taking pictures from house to house.

Where to stay. Just between the two villages of Orgosolo and Oliena the B&B Jannas has cozy rooms and a lovely pool with the impressive Gennargentu view. Prices start at 70€

4. Castelsardo

Pasqua Castelsardo

Easter in Castelsardo. A must-go place. Its beauty is unquestionable. You can breathe history and the charm of the ancient Sardinian traditions in this small medieval town. The Holy Week divided into various moments has as its most important day on Lunissanti (Holy Monday) with the night procession through the streets of the historic center. The singing of the three choirs (lu Miserere, lu Stabat, lu Jesu) accompany the procession in a very suggestive Sardinian/medieval melody.

What to do in Castelsardo: Do not skip the visit to the Castello dei Doria and the museum of weaving (Museo dell’Intreccio), one of the oldest arts in Sardinia. Many beaches surround Castelsardo deserve a visit. In our Guide what to see in Castelsardo everything you can’t miss

Where to stay. Very friendly B&B only a short drive from Castelsardo centre. At La Roccia dell’Elefante you can enjoy the very new rooms and the best Cappuccino! Prices from 70€

5. Santu Lussurgiu

Pasqua in Sardegna Santu Lussurgiu

Easter in Santu Lussurgiu. Among the main moments of Holy Week and the Easter Triduum (passion, death and resurrection of Christ) is the Holy Thursday. The last supper of Christ is recalled and continue with the torchlight procession that stops in different sides of Santu Lussurgiu. The choir Su Cuncordu ‘and su Rosariu accompanies it on the way intoning the verses of Miserere. The other important rite is the Good Friday and the S’Iscravamentu. The 4-part choirs in Latin and Sardinian follow all the celebrations of the Holy Week. Su Miserere and Sa novena songs dating back to 1600 still retains in the original repertoire handed down over the centuries

What to do in Santu Lussurgiu. A beautiful countryside surrounds this small town of just over 2000 people. The Sos Molinos waterfalls are located few miles from the village and deserve the whole excursion – not exactly comfortable – to reach them. Discovering them in spring is the best: a small paradise hidden in the wildest Sardinia

Where to stay. Something unique sleeping in the boutique Hotel: Antica Dimora del Gruccione with a internal lovely garden. The old palace has rustic rooms and a restaurant to taste traditional sardinian food. From 100€

Last minute prices and available dates in South Sardinia


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