New Year’s Eve Alghero: the largest Sardinia dance floor

10 Nov 2018 Sardinia Tourism @bluAlghero-Sardinia


the full program

Celebrations for the whole month of December 2018

In Alghero it’s DeeJay Time! The tourist port of the Catalan town will be transformed into the largest dance floor in Sardinia thanks to the DJ set of the great Italian dance: Albertino, Fargetta, Prezioso and Molella who will play the hits of 2018 and the music scene of the 90s and 2000s


At midnight the show with the fireworks that will enchant the thousands of people under the starry sky in the port of Alghero. But the New Year of Alghero does not stop only on the night of December 31st but will last a whole month with a series of musical, cultural and eno-gastronomic events


The events not to be missed for the festivities of the

Alghero New Year’s Eve 

7th – 8th – 9th Dicember

“Choco Amore” chocolate festival in the public gardens of Via Vittorio Emanuele

During the three days there will be the stands of the master chocolatiers from various regions of Italy including Campania, Sicily, Piedmont and Sardinia of course. The aim is to make known the real taste of artisan chocolate without additives and preservatives


The “vie del vì” near the historical center

Event dedicated to gastronomy and the discovery of local and regional wine cellars “Le vie del vì”. A route to be enjoyed along the streets of the historic center in collaboration with the best restaurants. You can taste typical local dishes accompanied by wine from the local cellars


8th Dicember 2018

Lighting Christmas lights for Christmas tree in Piazza Porta Terra


Inauguration of the ice rink (great news this year!)

 14th – 16th Dicember 2018

GirOlio with stands, markets and folk events dedicated to the olive oil

Girolio d’Italia the tour promoted by the National Association of Oil Town that will cross Italy from April to December to discover the Italian gastronomic excellence linked to the land and olive oil

At each stage of the event there will be a rich program of events: oil tastings in combination with traditional local dishes, exhibitions dedicated to the olive civilizations, meetings, visits to the oil mills. Musical events, markets, folklore events, cooking shows and tasting courses and themed menus in restaurants. In short, an appointment not to be missed for all oil enthusiasts.


23th dicember 2018

Concert by  Paolo Fresu in the Cathedral of Santa Maria “Back to Bach”. The Jazz trumpeter Paolo Fresu meets the great string orchestra of Italian virtuosos


30th dicember 2018

Show of La Fura dels Baus 

The Catalan theater company offers an urban theater with a strong emotional impact with dance, music, theater and acrobatics. The show with dancers and acrobats in theatrical representation with great involvement of the public in an immense scenography. Limitative call it show, it will be a real and unique experience

The company opened the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 and since then its shows remain among the most evocative in the world theater scene

31th dicember 2018

H 24.00 – Fireworks

DeejTime with Albertino, Fargetta, Molella and Prezioso


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