Coronavirus Sardinia: what to do if you have booked holidays

13 Mar 2020 Coronavirus Sardinia @bluAlghero-Sardinia

What you should know if you have already booked or intend to book a holiday in Sardinia

Sardinia, after 50 days of closure, is opening its borders to the world and preparing for the post-covid-19 summer season. From June 5th all flights and ferry connections from Italy to Sardinia are active. From June 25th, international tourism is expected to restart with European flights and ferries from Spain and France.

In order to arrive in Sardinia it will no longer be necessary to have a Covid-negative certificate as widely announced in recent days. A simple self-certification will be required. The registration form will be available on the Regione Sardegna website or through the APP Sardegna Sicura.

HERE’S THE FORM ONLINE;jsessionid=1669720068B8E31CAF219ECEB18E2A26.sus2

Until June 12, however, the application may be submitted in paper and may also be completed while on board. Download the form here:

I have booked my holiday in Sardinia. What should do I do?

coronavirus sardinia

Due to the uncertainty caused by the moment many tourists have been forced to cancel their holidays in Sardinia. Those who had booked the Easter weekend or the 1st of May (the Sagra of Sant’ Efisio among the most important in Sardinia takes place on May 1st and normally attracts thousands of visitors!)

 Many tourists – due to the emergency – have had to give up their holidays in Sardinia this year. An economic drama for an island where tourism represents the greatest economic.

What is the current situation in Sardinia regarding Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Sardinia: the island has not been affected by the outbreak

In total, over 50.000 tests were carried out on the island. The positives cases from the beginning of the emergency were just over 1300. Most of these occurred in the province of Sassari (about 65%), while in southern Sardinia, including the metropolitan area of Cagliari, there was 25% of the total cases.

Strong decrease in new positive cases

In the week of May 19 to 25 the increase in daily cases was +1 (only one positive case per day) except for May 22, 24, 25 in which zero new cases were recorded.

Increased of healed cases

Still in the post-opening week from 19 to 25 May 166 people were healed. Bringing the total number of healed to 994. Currently 52 people are still in hospital. The death toll practically stopped in the week of May 19-25. By recording zero deaths for 4 days out of 7.

Over 70% of the 1354 positive people have completely recovered. About 80% of currently positive patients show no symptoms and are in home isolation.

The percentage in Sardinia among tested persons and positive cases is 0.2%. One of the lowest rates in Italy together with Basilicata, Umbria and Calabria.

Data updated to 25 May 2020

How to visit Sardinia safely

Data confirm the fact: Sardinia is one of the Italian regions to have had an almost zero spread of the virus. The lockdown measures worked well and after more than 50 days of closures the island reopens its borders. To maintain such a low contagion curve and ensure the safety of Sardinians and tourists, it is necessary to plan the reopening of the tourist season in a scrupulous way.

The Region has announced that all people entering Sardinia will have to register via a form stating that they have not had or have not had any symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 21 days.

All travelers must also undergo body temperature checks and complete the search form for possible past infection or contact with Covid-1 9 cases.

The situation is constantly updated. The tourist season in Sardinia officially has started on June 5th with the reopening of all national flights and ferry connections. International flights is scheduled for June 25th.

From 1 July, flights by low-cost airlines will effectively start the 2020 tourist season.

More info will be released the next few hours. We will keep you posted!

Coronavirus Sardinia: tourism information

Health care. Sardinia as well as the rest of Italy offers, in case of need, free health care to all Italian and foreign visitors. Sardinian hospitals are scattered throughout the island between the north and south with adequate and modern facilities.

Transportation. Buses and trains operate regularly. The busesallowed a limited number of people and the use of face mask is mandatory. You can calculate the route and see the lines on the site:

Airports. All three Sardinian airports (Cagliari, Olbia, Alghero) will be fully operational from June 3rd. On arrival and departure the passengers will be measured the temperature.

Beaches. The free beaches and bathing establishments are open and available for the use of tourists through the respect of some simple rules. For more info: how to plan holidays in Sardinia

Sites of interest. Museums, archaeological sites and points of interest such as natural caves are open to the public. To follow: social distancing and use of face mask. The entrances will be limited to a small number of people.

Canceling your holiday in Sardinia: what to do

We expect that those who have booked their holidays will not give up the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Sardinian even this year. The island is a safe place to stay and perfect for spending a relaxing period between sea and nature. However If there is a need to cancel your trip, it is good to contact your flight company or the accommodation.

Flights canceled

Airlines are also adjusting their cancellation policies to the health emergency and have updated their rules. Let’s see in detail what they offer

trip canceled sardinia


If your flight has been canceled you have been notified via email and SMS, and you have been offered the possibility to request a refund or rebook the flight for free and to take advantage of the assistance due. Otherwise, your flight will operate normally.  


If your flight is canceled, you can manage your booking by changing your flight or requesting a refund on your App or on the website under Manage your reservations


Refunds can be obtained by going to the “My booking” section or changing the booking


In case of flight cancellation, passengers will be contacted via email or SMS. Instructions will be provided to request a refund or a change of booking


On the site you will find indications to change the reservation without penalty or to obtain a voucher equal to the value of the ticket purchased (or its residual value), following the measures ordered by the Authorities for the epidemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hotels and apartments: how to cancel a reservation

Hotel reservation

Let’s see what are the refund policies in case of cancellation of the reservation


The policy provides that any advance payments in cases where the customer has requested cancellation due to force majeure are reimbursed without cancellation costs (penalties, expenses and / or other amounts)


Anyone who cannot complete the trip due to official restrictions, COVID-19 or suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus. The guest will receive a full refund (including any costs).


If you have booked through the direct website of the Hotel or with the owner you can have a comparison and find a solution together. Many owners are obviously aware of the extraordinary nature of the situation and in case of cancellation they offer a full refund of the deposit or even better a voucher to be used on other dates.

Changing dates using a voucher can be the best solution to not permanently cancel your holiday in Sardinia.

5 reasons to better not cancel your summer holiday in Sardinia

  1. Your vacation helps the small business, families, seasonal workers who ONLY rely on tourism jobs for 6 months a year.
  2. You have more time to find out what to do and where to go in Sardinia
  3. The welcome and the service you will receive will be even more attentive because you are a precious guest
  4. After months of being quarantined, the Sardinia wild spaces will recharge your energy.
  5. The beaches of Sardinia are the most beautiful in the world and this year will be even more nice because not crowed 🙂

Some IDEAS to plan your holiday in Sardinia

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