Is it a good time to plan your summer holidays in Sardinia?

19 Apr 2020 Coronavirus Sardinia @bluAlghero-Sardinia

2020 is the most uncertain year for holidays. No leisure travel has been booked around the world between April and May

What will happen for June, July and August?

With the closure of national and international borders, airlines have left on the ground thousands of flights around the world. The confinement measures forced millions to stay home to slow the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. A real tragedy for travel and for the whole tourism sector. Sardinia has remained armored in recent months, with the closure of all three Sardinian airports. Now, with the easing of restrictions, the island will open its airports on public from June 2020

The trips solely for the purpose of tourism have been banned in Italy during the months of April and May. The restarting of tourism is scheduled for June 3 when it will be possible to move between Italian regions and abroad from mid of June

With so much uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus pandemic – which finally slows down its spread – the Government tries to dictate the guidelines for the restarting of tourism in Italy. Sardinia with its natural isolation has preserved its borders with great firmness. After 3 months of confinement now, it is in extreme need to lighten the blocks and plan a tourist restart for the summer and autumn months

The decreasing numbers of the covid-19 infection bring us hope. Now we all start to wonder, what are we going to do about our holidays?

Will travel in June and July be allowed? Is it a good time to start planning the summer holidays in Sardinia?

We receive a lot of emails from those who have booked their trip to Sardinia in late June or in the following months of July and August.

Annamaria from Bolzano writes:

“I spent at least a week planning our holiday in Sardinia. First of all I booked the flights, then I spent several days inquiring about the best areas to visit. In the end we decided to spend a week in Villasimius and a week in Alghero. . We booked the apartments and even a rental car. But now we don’t know what to do. “

There are thousands of people who have booked holidays in Sardinia but still don’t know if they will be able to travel. Until a few weeks ago it was unthinkable to even imagine going on summer holidays, today although the situation is still under development, there are signs that suggest a possible reopening of tourism in Sardinia.

Since the situation is constantly evolving, we keep up to date and await all communications from the Sardinia Region which seems to be studying concrete alternative measures for a recovery of the tourist season in Sardinia.

When will we able to travel again?

Tourism trips to Sardinia should start on June 15th only for domestic flights. International flights are scheduled to restart from 25 June.

The governor of Sardinia Region, Christian Solinas says that there is a Health Passport under study for all arrivals in Sardinia. In ports and airports, the plan is to install platforms for rapid Covid-19 tests that give you results in 15 minutes.

Speaking of data, Sardinia has so far recorded a very limited number of Coronavirus infections, (from the beginning of the epidemic, the recorded cases stood around 1300) mainly concentrated in RSA and among health care workers. About 70% of Sardinian towns were immune to infection and 255 out of 377 towns recorded 0 cases of Covid-19. Over 40,000 swabs were performed among the population.

Tracking models are also being developed via apps to all regional travels in order to garantee the safety among the inhabitants. A “Sardinia Covid-free Island” is under study in order to allow a safe movement of tourists within the Sardinian territory. Everything will be managed in collaboration with ports, airports and accommodation facilities.

Surely we will have more news in the coming weeks with the reopening of the airports of Cagliari, Olbia and Alghero for tourist flights.

What the Sardinian tourism will look like after coronavirus?


At present (April 2020) the only active flights are those for the repatriation of compatriots, emergency flights and cargo airlines

In a hypothetical restart of tourism, a mandatory request of a free COVID-19 certyficate will be requested before departure. Alternatively, an instant test to identify sick passengers is carried out directly at check-in with results delivered in 10 minutes. This type of procedure has recently been tested by Emirates Airlines, which aims to reopen its routes to Italy and other countries in a short period.

On board, flight attendants wearing masks and gloves as the passengers themselves will be obliged to keep the mask on for the entire flight duration

Airlines may have to disinfect their planes after each flight, not just once a day. The possibility of allowing a reduced number of passengers per flight is also considered.

In terms of safety, this is what Qatar Airways writes on its site:

Comfortable and sanitized cabins “We continuously monitor our procedures to ensure that the cabin is cleaned. Our planes are disinfected regularly as part of the normal cleaning process.

Air filtration system “These systems are equipped with industrial-size filters that remove 99.97% of viral and bacterial contaminants from the recirculated air, providing the most effective protection against infections”

Linen and blankets “The linen and blankets are washed and dried at 90 ° C and then ironed at 100 ° C. All linen is washed and ironed to perfection and then handled with gloves and packaged individually”

Utensils for the meal service “All utensils and cutlery used for meals are washed with detergents and rinsed with demineralized fresh water at temperatures that kill pathogenic bacteria”

Headphones “All headphones are properly renewed and sanitized. They are then repackaged individually”


Hotels and tourism accommodation are also studying a new phase of hospitality. Everything will focus on maintaining social distances, on containing common spaces and on sanitizing environments. Staff equipped with masks and gloves, individual or contingent entrances to the various Hotel services, adequate distances in the restaurant areas. Self-check-in will probably take place to limit the maximum number of contacts or queues for the rooms delivery

Much simpler is the reception at independent apartments and holiday homes where there is no need to share common areas. An increase in the demand for open-air accommodation facilities such as villas, farmhouses and rural apartments where the guest can enjoy private outdoor spaces such as gardens and courtyards


The bathing establishments begin in the re-organization of the beaches for the next summer holidays in Sardinia. Sunbeds spaced 2 meters apart. For each position with umbrellas we want to guarantee an area of at least 10 m2 per family. Booking and services via app or whatsapp. Digital menus. Regular cleaning and disinfection of equipment after each use. Separate corridors to facilitate distancing.

FREE BEACHES: the free beaches will be regulated by employees who will ensure compliance with the safety distance of at least 1 meter between people. No gatherings and group games. Individual water sports can be practiced regularly.


The same goes for bars and restaurants that are prepared with spacing of the tables, orders in digital format, supply of disinfectant dispensers at the entrance and protective devices worn by the waiters. Reservation will be preferred. Small restaurants are preparing larger outdoor spaces to accommodate tourists who want to spend safe summer holidays in Sardinia


Buses and trains are organized by limiting access to fewer passengers than expected. On board dispenser of hand sanitizer, enhancement of cleaning and sanitizing activities between one stop and another.

In the meantime and waiting for more concrete information, industry experts suggest that this is the perfect time to search and plan the next trip

For now, let’s take the time to virtually explore, immerse ourselves in the destinations and get as much info as possible of what to do and what to see in Sardinia.
You can get informed and take a virtual journey through our guides. The beautiful beaches of Sardinia, the most characteristic villages such as Bosa, Castelsardo, Alghero, the trekking routes, bicycle tours and much more on Sardinia Holidays guide

Soon, the borders will be opened again and the barriers will be eliminated.
In the meantime, we can enjoy planning our summer holidays in Sardinia

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