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The situation regarding the Covid-19 outbreak in Sardinia after 50 days of lockdown

Italy was the first nation in Europe to be affected by the coronavirus epidemic. To date, it has registered over 300,000 infections overtaking China where the Covid-19 infection started

The greatest number of infections occurred in the north of Italy in the regions of Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna. The rest of the country, despite recording several coronavirus infections, did not have particularly alarming data and the situation has always been under control

Why has Italy been so affected by the new coronavirus?

Obviously it is impossible to have certain answers during this still active phase, but the experts imagine a series of causes.

  1. The late blocking of flights to and from China
  2. The trade fairs, food festivals and sporting events may have triggered the massive spread of the virus during January and February
  3. A delay in isolating the most affected areas and tracking correctly the positive cases
  4. The difficulty in performing tests to a mjor number of people
  5. A population with a high average age (age between 70-80 years was the one most affected by the virus)

These could be some of the reasons why Covid-19 spread so massively in Italy. Obviously future studies will confirm or add other hypotheses

The measures planned for the fase 2

Phase 2 started on 4 May 2020. It began with a gradual series of reopenings, loosening week after week the severe lockdown measures. Since May 18 most of the activities have started to work again: hairdressers, bars, restaurants. The beaches have been reopened and the country has slowly started up again with a series of precautions and directives. The phase of coexistence with the virus has begun.

What is the situation with the covid-19 in Sardinia ?

Sardinia, like the rest of southern Italy, has averted the spread of the virus thanks to the containment measures put in place at the beginning of the epidemic. All flights were blocked in a timely manner, borders were closed and strict distancing measures were maintained.

This meant that the number of coronavirus positive cases remained far below the national average. After March 3 (the day the first case of coronavirus was registered in Cagliari) the situation remained in constant control. The total number of positive cases reached almost 4000 people at the end of September 2020

The rather small and contained numbers lead Sardinia to be one of the regions with fewer cases of Covid-19 in Italy.

The most important dates from the Covid-19 outbreak

First Coronavirus case

The first Coronavirus infection is recorded in Codogno in the province of Lodi

First Coronavirus case in Sardinia

A 42-year-old from Cagliari returning from a trip to Rimini is hospitalized positive for covid-19

Red zone in Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto

+14 provinces of Northern Italy are in lockdown

Red zone extended throughout Italy

Stay at home order. Ban of movements and gatherings throughout Italy. Out only for shopping and emergencies

Ports and Airports have been shut down in Sardinia

All connections to and from Sardinia suspended

Peak of the infections in Italy

In just one day over 6500 new infections are registered

Reached 1000 cases in Sardinia

1000 peopled have tested positive of coronavirus since the outbreak

The situation begins to improve in Italy

The number of new infections drop and there are over 2600 healed in one single day

Zero new infections in Sardinia

For the first time since the beginning of the epidemic there are zero new infections in Sardinia

January 1, 2019

Start of the fase 2

Factories and companies return to work

January 1, 2019

Beaches, bars and restaurants open

The beaches and all the main services open to public

Reopening of National Flights

The connections between Sardinia and the cities of Rome and Milan restart

Reopening of connections with foreign countries

The first connections with foreign countries restart: Germany, the Netherlands, France

Holidays in Sardinia

Sardinia opens its doors to travelers. The holidays of July and August pass quietly for tourists from all over Europe.

Timeline Heading 15

The media case broke out on the famous Costa Smeralda clubs amid an increase of the infections. There are several positives among young people. However, the situation remains under control with the timely tracking of cases.

Why didn’t Covid-19 spread widely in Sardinia?

Sardinia Coronavirus

Sardinia applied the confinement measures very promptly. Ports and airports have been closed since the very beginning. The whole island was quarantined, with all activities closed for over 50 days.

The Region has set up intensive care units with additional beds and field hospitals. In addition, over 500 new doctors and nurses were hired to deal with the Sardinia coronavirus emergency.

All Sardinian responded with very responsible behavior, respecting the government’s order to stay at home (not easy in a region with dream beaches and warm sunny days!). The towns, the roads, the beaches, natural parks have been completely empty. No people, no cars, no boats in the sea during the lockdown.

Inevitable increase in cases after the summer

Sardinia beaches

The summer season in Sardinia started again in the months of July and August in which there was a good number of Italian and foreign tourists. With the resumption of tourism and the free movement of people, an increase in infections within the island was inevitable. During the mid-August period, especially among the young visitors to the Costa Smeralda clubs, there have been several cases of contagion. The situation was never out of control – but promptly monitored thanks to the timely tracking of cases.

The restart of tourism has shown how it is possible to enjoy peaceful and relaxing holidays in Sardinia. Even if in a prudent way and with the simple but fundamental attentions to which we are all getting used to: use of the mask, safety distance, hand hygiene. Spending a holiday in complete safety is possible!

Sardinia Coronavirus: what to do if you already have booked your holidays to Sardinia

Is it safe to travel in Sardinia?

Is it a good time to plan your holidays in Sardinia?

The trend this year could be an increase in local tourism, the so-called staycations. As for international tourism, we still have to wait for more reassuring news for the month of June. In all likelihood the summer season will start again for the summer months of July and August.While September and October are still really beautiful months for travel to Sardinia

Why choose Sardinia for holidays after the coronavirus?

Sardinia Itinerary

The restraining measures deprived us of our freedom to go out, run, walk or simply be outdoors. Sardinia offers immense outodoor areas, large natural parks where you can get lost in full contact with nature. There are paths and trails to explore. There are farmhouses scattered in the countryside where you can hear the sound of the wind alone. There are beaches where you can run and natural swimming pools to swim

Plan your trip to Sardinia

Road trips around Sardinia in 7 and 10-days

Cool Things to Do in Sardinia

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