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19 Feb 2016 Renting a property @bluAlghero-Sardinia

Renting a vacation home with bluAlghero-Sardinia

Once a booking is confirmed you will be required to comply with the accommodation rental terms between owner and tenant. The contract frees of any problem about the property and/or owners that may arise upon arrival or during your stay



  • A – Prices are in euro and normally all included except any other disposition.
  • B – Properties are rented full furnished. You will be responsible for the house condition during your stay.
  • C – Other extras or services are indicated in each property description. Please read carefully the house description before making a booking.



  • A – Breakage deposit is requested to cover all costs of possible damages or breakages caused to the properties or for extraordinary cleaning, telephone expenses, and/or other services which are not included in the cost of the rental. Such deposits are to be paid upon arrival.
  • B – The breakage deposit will be returned to the Client upon departure and after checking the rented property.
  • C – All costs pertaining to bills/breakages and /or additional services will be deducted from the breakage deposit and the balance – if any – will be returned to the Client. Should the breakage deposit be less than the amount of damages or of additional costs, the owner reserves the right to ask the Client to pay the balance before his departure
  • D – Shouldn’t damage be noticed upon the Client’s departure, the owner reserves the right to ask for indemnity for damages noticed after the Client’s departure



The Client is supposed to keep the property, the equipment, the furniture, the tools, the externals, the gardens and whatever contained in the property in the same condition of usage, order, cleaning and functioning in which he finds them when he starts his holidays. He is considered responsible for any damage, loss or breakage caused by him during his stay in the property. The owner reserves the right to keep the total amount or part of the amount of the breakage deposit for extraordinary cleaning and to ask for the payment of the amount of money to be paid to repair damages when such amounts are higher than the breakage deposit itself.



Only the number of guests shown in the web site or in the form sent to the Client and specified in the leasing can have access to the property, unless the Client and agree on different terms. The maximum number of guests allowed in the property, including children, cannot be exceeded. We reserves the right to cease the rental with no previous notice and with no refund or compensation if the number of guests is not the one agreed.



Linen is included in most properties (usually one set per person). Should the Client request more frequent changes (at an extra cost) he must inform us when booking.Taking towels away is not permitted



Any valuable left inside the property is left at the guests’ own risk. The owner is not responsible for any possible loss. If present, the alarm systems should be used as well as safes and the maximum must be done to prevent burglars to easily enter the property. It is essential – and the guests’ responsibility – that guests lock their property doors and windows carefully. No refund will be possible if the Client decides to leave the property because of theft.



  • A – Arrival time is always set at the booking moment.
  • B – Arrivals are usually between 9 am and 22 pm, local time. If guests are late, they will have to inform promptly the person mentioned in the booking confirmation. If guests arrive after the time agreed without informing us of delay, you might not be able to enter the property until the next day, with no responsibility for us or the owner.
  • C – On the departure day, guests must leave the property within 10am or 11am (depends on properties)max.



Transfers to and from the property are to be arranged by the Client. In case of we organize the transfer we will provide any useful information.



The owner reserves the right to make changes – with no notice- to the features of the properties, necessary for the full efficiency of the property itself. Should be aware of changes in the property after a Client’s booking, will send the information to the Client before his departure. Distances shown are approximate. Timings referring to the duration of transfers are meant by or by foot.



Pets are not usually accepted, unless previously agreed with We reserves the right to add an extra cost or to increase the amount of the breakage deposit. The presence of pets must be clearly specified when booking. Should the Client fail to do so, the owner reserves the right to ask the Client to leave the property with no refund.



  • A – Cannot be held responsible for noises and nuisances coming from outside of the property.
  • B – Cannot be held responsible neither for the breaking of mechanic equipments such as pumps, boilers, swimming pool straining systems, nor for the malfunction of public services such as water, gas and electricity and nor for the breaking of home equipments.
  • C – Cannot be held responsible if unable to supply services agreed in the leasing in case of calamities such as explosions, storms, accidents, fires, wars or war threats, civil revolts and moreover for actions, restrictions, laws and any measure decided by the government or by the local authorities. In addition to this, strikes, lock-outs, any industrial action, disputes and unfavourable weather conditions are to be included.
  • D – The Client exonerates property owners/ from any responsibility for direct or indirect damages caused to people and/or to personal belongings deriving from intentional or negligent facts perpetrated by anyone.




1. from the client

  • A – Any cancellation by the Client must be promptly sent to by e-mail or phone.The actual date of cancellation is the date when a written advice is received.
  • B – Cancellations 4 weeks or more before arrival, refunded 100% of the deposit paid. NO DEPOSIT RETURNED AFTER THIS DATE – 28 days before or less
  • C – Refunds are made excluding Bank/Paypal Fees that are covered by the client.
  • D – In case of early departure or interruption of your stay for whatever reason and at whatever time there is NOT REFUND OF THE RENT/DEPOSIT PAID.

We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance for your holiday.

2. from

Should it be the case of an unlikely substantial change or a booking cancellation by, the Client will be immediately informed via e-mail. If requested and if possible will try to suggest alternative booking solutions with similar features of type/price/standard. In alternative, all amounts deposited by the Client will be fully refunded (deposit paid)


3. leasing cancellation

We reserves the right to rescind the contract through in case of:

    • A – No-payment by the Client of the amount agreed in the terms and conditions below
    • B – No-payment of the breakage deposit in the terms and conditions contained below
    • C- The guests inappropriate behaviour, against the principles of correctness and good management of the property as contained.
    • D – The property owner/manager will be entitled to terminate the contract at any time whenever their guests or family members did not meet those regulations.


By making a booking with you are accepting all the followings use of terms & conditions.Please read carefully before making a booking



All clauses contained in this contract have an essential character and form a unique and indissoluble context, so that, due to the expressed agreement, the violation even of one of the above clauses will produce the cancellation of the leasing itself.



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