All beaches with reservation in Sardinia

Sardinia, with its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking beaches, attracts thousands of visitors every year. However, in order to preserve the natural beauty and to manage the influx of tourists, several beaches have introduced a closed number system. This system provides for a limited number of accesses per day and the need for advance booking at particular times of the day (usually during peak hours until 6 p.m.).

We have tried to compile a list of the beaches with reservations in Sardinia, with information on how to make a reservation in order to best enjoy these natural wonders. Beaches with reservations in Sardinia are becoming more and more numerous and administrations are adapting to offer a simple and practical system, as in the case of La Pelosa beach in the municipality of Stintino.

In many other cases, booking is not so intuitive and one has to wade through different regulations for each municipality or authority. In most cases, it is also necessary to pay an entrance fee to the beaches, which varies according to location and in some cases also includes the option of including parking.

To enjoy these natural wonders to the fullest, we recommend booking a boat tour or a guided excursion, which will allow you to admire the beauty of these beaches in a simple and organised way. You can choose the tour that suits you best and book independently accompanied by a local guide.

Beaches with reservation: NORTH SARDINIA

Cala Coticcio (Caprera) & Cala Brigantina (Caprera)

  • Number of accesses: 60 people
  • Reservation: reservation through an authorised guide required.
  • Web:
  • Entrance fee: 3€ per person

🔹 Recommended tour in the area: Boat excursion to Cala Coticcio/Caprera and the Maddalena Islands

Rena Bianca (Santa Teresa Gallura)

  • Number of accesses: 1,015 people
  • Reservation: Information on telematic mode coming soon.
  • Entrance fee: 3.50€

🔹 Recommended tour in the area: Moon Valley excursion from Santa Teresa di Gallura

Piscine di Cannigione (Arzachena)

  • Number of accesses: awaiting details
  • Reservation: Information on incoming telematics mode

🔹 Recommended tour in the area: From Cannigione boat trip to the La Maddalena archipelago

Cala Brandinchi (San Teodoro)

🔹 Recommended tour in the area: Mini-boat tour of the Tavolara archipelago from San Teodoro

Lu Impostu (San Teodoro)

🔹 Recommended tour in the area: Tavolara dinghy tour of the 5 islands from San Teodoro beach

La Pelosa (Stintino)

  • Number of accesses: 1,500 people
  • Reservation: Online booking required.
  • Web:
  • Entrance fee: 3,50€

🔹 Recommended tour in the area: From Stintino, half-day dinghy tour in the Gulf of Asinara

Beaches with reservation: CENTRAL-EAST SARDINIA

Cala Goloritzé (Baunei)

  • Number of accesses: 250 people
  • Reservation: booking through the “Cuore di Sardegna” app.
  • Web:
  • Entrance fee: 7€

Cala Mariolu (Baunei)

  • Number of accesses: 700 people
  • Reservation:
  • Web:
  • Entrance fee: 1€

Cala Biriala (Baunei)

Cala dei Gabbiani (Baunei)

Cala Sisine (Baunei)

Cala Luna (Baunei/Dorgali)

Spiaggia Centrale (Santa Maria Navarrese)

  • Number of accesses: 1,300 people
  • Reservation:
  • Web:

Oasi di Bidderosa (Orosei)

  • Number of accesses: 100 cars, 30 motorbikes, 100 bikes
  • Reservation: booking online
  • Sito:
  • Entrance fee: €12 per car + €1 per person, €6 for motorbikes + €1 per person, €1 per person/bike.

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Beaches with reservation: SOUTH SARDINIA

Punta Molentis (Villasimius)

  • Number of accesses: 150 people
  • Reservation: 150 places have been reserved, and only the order of arrival will be respected for the remaining places. Reservations can be made by logging on and registering on the website.
  • Web:

Porto Sa Ruxi (Villasimius)

  • Number of accesses: 450 people
  • Reservation: online booking
  • Web:

Spiaggia di Riu Trottu (Villasimius)

  • Number of accesses: 150 people
  • Reservation:
  • Entrance fee:

Tuerredda (Teulada)

  • Number of accesses: 1,100 people
  • Reservation: reservation required for bathing establishments; free beach with limited access.
  • Web:

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The complete list of beaches with reservation in Sardinia

  1. Cala Coticcio (Caprera)
  2. Cala Brigantina (Caprera)
  3. Spiaggia del Cavaliere (Budelli)
  4. La Pelosa beach (Stintino)
  5. Rena Bianca (Santa Teresa Gallura)
  6. Cala Goloritzé (Baunei)
  7. Cala Mariolu (Baunei)
  8. Cala Biriala (Baunei)
  9. Cala Sisine (Baunei)
  10. Cala dei Gabbiani (Baunei)
  11. Cala Luna (Baunei/Dorgali)
  12. Spiaggia Centrale (Santa Maria Navarrese)
  13. Oasi di Bidderosa (Orosei)
  14. Punta Molentis (Villasimius)
  15. Porto Sa Ruxi (Villasimius)
  16. Riu Trottu beach (Villasimius)
  17. Tuerredda (Teulada)
  18. Cala Brandinchi (San Teodoro)
  19. Lu Impostu (San Teodoro)

It is possible that, other beaches may adopt the closed number system on the basis of new municipal regulations. Therefore, some beaches may not be on this list and the booking and access modalities may not be complete. We will follow the official pages of the administrations/entities and publish the respective booking and access modalities as soon as they are known.

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